Monday, November 30, 2009

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan @ Melacca - Part 2

So... Malacca is just about eating~ especially for people from KL (let's say Malaysians are all gluttons k? XD)

Spent most of the time at Jonker Street where most of the good food are there. The crowds... the shops... not much on the historical attraction. I prefer hunting for food rather than visiting the historical places since we Malaysians have been studying their history in school since Elementary till High School (Yawn~)

What's next after Beef Noodles? Of course their famous gula melaka Cendol & Laksa lar!!! How can you miss that?!! Penang is not the only best place to eat Laksa k... but anyway I'll visit Penang soon for another Jalan-jalan Cari Makan session. Weeeee~ ^^ I'll let you know which Laksa I prefer after that. Ekekeke...

Look at the crowd!! It's already full house inside and people are still queuing outside. Btw, why is everyone in blue? Such a coincident.

Cendol Aunty very busy now

Hmmm... I felt like ordering almost everything in the menu. Too bad I don't have such a humongous stomach. Owh!! In the menu No.1 is the best!!

*it was a lot more presentable before I messed it up becos' I forgot to take photo of it *shame on me* It was nice... better than KL of cos'! the soup was just right! not too thick nor too watery, no heavy stinky fishy taste, the fish they added was definitely fresh!

*My favorite!!! I can't stop myself from loving sweet stuff! their gula melaka was SOOOOooo thick even when you mix the whole thing the sauce still sticks on to the spoon and won't melt so quickly! I don't mind having another 2 serving!

Inside the eating place still remains the old style. It adds the extra feel while you eat!

The good ol' days

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan @ Melacca - Part 1

Tangkak Beef Noodle Soup

Who's up for beef noodle soup?????!

Here's a place in Malacca introduced by a friend who studies at Melacca for a couple of years already and visited this place many times. They serve good beef noodle specially the one in soup! I don't know about the dry noodles... in my observation there ain't much people ordering any others than their good ol' beef soup noodles... the soup must be their specialty then! =D

The soup has a nice beefy yet not too heavy taste that goes well with their noodles (Mee!
Beehon 米粉 will suck up all the soup before you can slowly enjoy it!!)

Beef meatballs

I heard it was the original Tangkak beef noodle soup, and really famous too... look at all the reviews they have!

This is not the only place that serves good beef noodles though~ this place is good at their soup. There's one shop located at Petaling Street K.L. that serves really nice dry beef noodles! Hope I'll not forget to bring my camera there the next time cos' I missed it the last few times *shame*