Friday, June 19, 2009

Delectable by Su @ The Garden

Im Back~! Finally updating my blog. Not sure whether anyone miss my blog or not ... (Doubt so) *sad face* Ahh~ Well, got pretty lazy on collecting food. Haven't been hunting lately... =(

Owh! Anyway, I made a visit to this new designer cake shop which was open pretty long time ago (Just that I didn't update, Shame on me). Extremely CUTE looking cakes, cupcakes ... etc. They are so detail in everything! The place looks absolutely pretty, eventhough it's not very spacious. Love it to bits! The taste of the cupcake? Not too bad... but the cute lil' oh so adorable thing is OMG sweet if you consume too much =P

Take a good look at their packaging details ... *hearts*

they even gave me a bag! not paper bag nor plastic bag. very thoughtful of green earth! #1!!

packing up their cutie cupcakes

Taa-daa!! Cute aye? ^^

cupcakes comes in few different flavor
Vanilla, Lemon & Chocolate

7 Sins of Chocolate
Layers of the most sinful chocolate stuff. very moisty, creamy, chewy~
*not for someone who can't stand overly chocolatey stuff. but, DEFINITELY for people who is obsessed with chocolate!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Final Project of Interior Design Diploma

I did it! not pass but I went through it I mean. Not as bad as I expected, the assessors was so nice to flood me with comments and advices more than criticism =)

Owh! I said that I was going to post up my work when it's done right?

Here it is!