Sunday, November 30, 2008


Had lunch at one of the restaurant near the seaside of Kuala Selangor. Noticed that there's a lot of car park there. Must be some good food right? Believe me ... it's real good food! I guess this place is pretty famous. Some of the tables aren't Kuala Selangor people, bet they are from KL cos' they speak Cantonese. Most of the people in Kuala Selangor is either Hokkien or Mandarin spoken.

I brought my camera with me this time but I forgot to bring it along while going out!!! ARGHHH... @^&$#%#@$!! Thank god the hp camera is good enough to take macro shots ~__~
So here we are!!

Restaurant. Look at the number of cars!!

The view

1st Dish. Errr... sea snails? with chili dip

Homemade Otak-otak (*not from Muar, Johor)

Fried cuttlefish with salted egg (Yumyum!!)

Flower crab with not sure what sauce

Deep fried bun that goes with the crab

It was a good experience trying out the nice looking shell snail though... the only snail I remember eating was Escagot (French Snail). The texture is tougher than the usual snail we eat, dipping it into the special chili sauce taste great! Only thing is that I don't really fancy that sorta taste. Hehe..

Next dish is their homemade otak otak. Tasted so different compared to the Muar otak-otak. More seafood taste! I don't know how to describe but it's really delicious. It's served with chilli sauce that's quite sour and it enhance the taste of the otak-otak.

Then comes the fried sotong with salted egg. You can never find a deep fried sotong tasted as good in KL!! The crunchy-ness of the sotong is damn freaking fresh! And the taste of how they cook it is ... Uwah~~~ Kekekeke...

Last dish is the crab. I don't know how they cook it anyway. The sauce is milkish yellowishy and they cook it with curry leaves. Just tasting the sauce really can make you feel like you're in heaven! That was what I felt when I first try the sauce. Man.. I can't forget the taste at all! The flavor is slightly like the crispy thingy of "Butter fried prawn". Hope you get what I mean. But this is sooooooooooo delicious! Taste to die for! It comes with the fried bun that you can dip it into the sauce and just eat it. Though I'm so full right now I think I can still have another serving. Hahaha!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos ;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday pasta crave

It was another boring day at work, been real "free" these few days. There's almost nothing to do other than looking for more images to please the client. Most of the time I'll be surfing the net, surfing the net, surfing the net ... *repeated. I'm sure you can imagining how that is. Thank god it's Saturday and it's only HALF DAY!!!! Woo-HOO!!

I've got this sudden craving for pasta while I surf a Taiwan forum and came across this healthy talk thingy and they mentioned pasta! So Yea.. That's how it started. Then I decided to go have pasta at my mum's girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend's restaurant (Phew @_@~). The last time I visited this place was more than half a year ago when it was newly open. Food is not bad there, service is great too! This restaurant is located around the area opposite Sunway Pyramid. It was a coincident that the review on their restaurant is in The Star newspaper today! These are the dishes I ordered for today ^^

Oglia Olio Pasta + Prawn (Chili is optional)

Grill Butter Fish

Cream Cheese Mussel + Garlic Bread (garlic bread not included)

Dragon Fruit Juice (Highly recommended!!)

I kinda like the Olio Pasta for it's different than what I always eat and kinda got bored of it (cabonara & bolognese). They serve it plain, prawn, beef pepperoni, vegetarian and chicken as well. You can have it with chili if you like it spicy, as for me I prefer it spicy =P

As for the Grill Butter Fish, it's real tasty! They grill the fish and serve it with cream sauce that goes well with it. Best thing is that the fish doesn't have that strong unpleasant fishy taste. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon too for extra tingly taste! Oh! One more thing is that butter fish meat texture is slightly tougher than Dory and Cod Fish, but it taste good!

Cream cheese mussel is my Fav! Maybe cos' I love the sauce especially when you order garlic bread and dip it with the cream cheese sauce. It's absolutely yummy! The mussel itself ok lar.. cannot compare with the high class buffet mussel yet (Price counts mah!!)

You definitely cannot miss the Dragon Fruit drink!! You may choose it with longan or laichee. It's not very sweet but it very refreshing! I'm sure girls will like it very much <3>

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nici Christmas Edition 08' -- Jack & Jill Husky Dog

Woo-hoo!!! I can't believe Nici's Christmas Edition soft toys are Winter Huskies!!! Only thing the soft toy itself didn't do a very good job to convince me to get them. But the accessories are!!! Muahaha!! I love the mug and Latte Cup they did. The design is very christmassie indeed with the husky cartoon print on it is so cute! I must get them soon! [Hyper-excited]

*wanted to post the Mug and Latte cup as well, only thing is that I have no idea why the picture in the net have chinese text on the cup!! Ish...

Jack the Husky Dog

Jill the Husky Dog

I'm obsess about Siberian Husky for a loooong time. Recently I found a nice Husky puppy selling thru the internet and it's soooooo ADORABLE. Great looking husky pup, show quality! Oh my.. How I really wish I could own it =( Too bad I'm staying in a condominium. It's sad to see my poor lil' dog not having enough place to run around. Especially big dogs like these need space and time to groom them well. I'm so getting a house with a huge lawn/garden for my dog next time.

He looks active

Isn't he adorable?

Awww.. me wanna bring him home =(

Thursday, November 20, 2008




























































年轻的男男女女都很喜欢看的一篇《其实XXX》还是《真正的XXX》,便希望有一天会遇到会找到这样的一个伴。有以上条件的男女不是没有... 也不是绝种... 也不是死完。但也不是说叫你默默去等待这样的人到来,顺其自然就好。


说到最后,人合人缘,有缘有份的自然就会有火花~ 祝你们好运吧!


It's gets stupid every single morning with consistent "downs" and on-off "downs" in the afternoon.

What have most of us sign up for?

Rm88/month for 1Mbps download rate that
never reaches 1Mbps, I doubt it even reaches 500Kbps. This package comes with unlimited internet access that does not guarantee stable line.

Inclusive of bad customer service with bad communication skill and horrible UNDERSTANDING skill and terrible Efficiency. (*what did their pick-up call staff learn in school?) - TMNUT:"Budget very low lar.. we can only afford to hire cheap workers"
Common cases when you call up, U:" I'm having some problem with my line, it keeps discconecting". Customer service:" There's an upgrading work right now so you will encounter connection problem for the time being. " Ataupun, Port got problem need to be fix (means need time again), some always happens punyer technical problem... etc etc etc etc etc. Kasi manyak manyak complain pun sama jugak.. better save your breath.

Technical service available to fix your problem (with extra charges of cos'). But the
y almost can NEVER tackle the correct problem. Eg: Cable got problem they say your IP or your PC got problem, IP got problem they say your port got problem, Port got problem they say your modem/router got problem kena change (another extra hole in your pocket for nothing)

So, why do we still pay Rm88/month for headaches? Unfortunately, this is Malaysia. Malaysia services never never never efficient, we have no choice but to live with it cos we can't live without internet. What to do?
Malaysia Boleh!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

More 3Ds...

Man... I'm rushing through my 3D work these few days. Everything just gotta be done by today--Friday (aside from "MORE" amendments). Phew~ I did couple of amendments on the last few work and rushing through the last piece today. It's crazy man... and definitely turn out horrible. Never never rush your work like that. I'll upload it and you guys will get what I mean.

I'm a Interior Designer Trainee, but the company where I go for internship made me work like a junior designer. I do stuff from Autocad drawings (very very unPOfessional ones) to Newspaper Ad for the company to Newspaper Article to promote the company (That's not my scoop of work) to Paperwork such as Filing the promotion package price and description (EH! Bukan ni Admin punyer kerja?) to Research & Complilation of Idea & Concept ---> Presentation board for Proposal to client (I've never seen any client at all) to 3DsMax work cos' there's only 1 designer who can do 3D available there that's pile up with hell a lot of 3D work herself (Salute!!). OHH!! Not forgetting to mention this VERY IMPORTANT thing after doing so much work.. I don't learn much from this company cos' there's not much guidance and tips on our field of work. They are more like squeezing every bit of me but not teaching me through what is needed to know. And the best thing is.. they pay like I DUNNO... and they deduct salary like I DUNNO reason. Hahaha... Now that's what I called Training (in a not so common way). Btw, bare in mind... this is not a complaint. I'm sharing my experience of what I went through =)

Life is fill with ups and downs. Life will never be always happiness or forever depression. Sometimes it's just how we look at things. I'm basically very positive minded, cos' I have to. Having to go through the tough waves that seems never ending is suicidal for people who are negative. Well, I believe everyone has to go through a designated life for us to become who we want to be. I sure hope that all these hardship are God's Will to make me a strong and successful in time to come (p.s - everyone's definition for successful is different). I just need to be more patient cos' I'm so lack of it. LOL!!

Enough of the blabbing.. I felt so long-winded. Here are the 3D work I rushed through these 2 days:-

Guest Room 2 (the horrendous piece)

Guest Room 3 (view 1)

Guest Room 3 (view 2)

Guest Room 3 looks best among the other 2 Guest rooms. I'm partly please cos' there's a little improvement in there, but it's still never good enough. I feel so tiny when I see my colleague's work which is so so so far more better than mine. More practice!! Will do better next time.

*Dear all collegemates, if you happen to read this. Do pay a visit to my dear classmate Korosh Gol's facebook. His 3D effect is just GREAT!! ---> Korosh Gol

Cheer =)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some 3D work...

Well, these are some 3D work I've done in about 2-3 weeks. Supposed to be doing 15 pieces of perspective out of 11 interior space, which duration is less than a month and I'm just a trainee with very minimal skills of 3D work and designing skill. It's CRAZY!! Thank god hearing my S.O.S that there's another designer that split up the work load with me. So, I've gotta do 8 pieces of 3D perspective out of 6 interior spaces. Here are the outcomes:-

Oh... One more thing, don't expect too highly on lil' pitiful me >__<" I'm less than an amature in 3DsMax. Feel free to give comments and critics ya (^-^)*

AV Room

Girl's Room (View 1)

Girl's Room (View 2)

Guest Room 1

Dry Kitchen

There'll be more to come!! 3 more perspectives to go and amendments for the ones shown above AND dateline is around the corner, man... Stressing. I envy those who can do 3D so so much better than mine and able to almost master it within a very short period of time. Goshh... Time to work harder!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adobe Comes into Live

"Ever wondered what Adeobe Photoshop would look like if it wasn't a piece of computer software? Well, our neighbors in Indonesia certainly have, and we're lovin' the way it looks on this poster that was created for the Software Asli agency. And if that hasn't blown you away, the sheer scale of this real-life mockup will. You didn't think they'd use miniature paintbrushes, now did you?" ---

Now this is some real great job the team had made. I was totally amazed on how they made it and it looked so good! This is a real life mock-up that looks like a real software screen shot. Amazing!

For more photos at, Check out Art Snob Solution
Enjoy ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday & Happy Helloween Mum!!

I've been blogging my journal later and later each time. I'm getting busier each day and it's really tiring. So, this entry was suppose to be posted by 1st of November. How shameful am I~ >_<
Cookie. Bought by Aunt Olivier while getting the surprise cake

Birthday Cake of the Year! Happy 47th Birthday Mum =3=

The happy married couple & youngest daughter

Happy smile =)

Mum's parents and her niece

Family & Friends that celebrated together. Soli lar cameraboy, next time use tripod!

Mum's new member for the big signature fake smile

Lastly, my dear old schoolmate a.k.a Mum's buddy