Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adobe Comes into Live

"Ever wondered what Adeobe Photoshop would look like if it wasn't a piece of computer software? Well, our neighbors in Indonesia certainly have, and we're lovin' the way it looks on this poster that was created for the Software Asli agency. And if that hasn't blown you away, the sheer scale of this real-life mockup will. You didn't think they'd use miniature paintbrushes, now did you?" --- Lowyat.net

Now this is some real great job the team had made. I was totally amazed on how they made it and it looked so good! This is a real life mock-up that looks like a real software screen shot. Amazing!

For more photos at Flickr.com, Check out Art Snob Solution
Enjoy ;)

1 comment:

  1. CS4 requires 2GB RAM, by the way. And it can't run on XP. Only Vista.

    But hey, I like the ad.