Monday, November 24, 2008

Nici Christmas Edition 08' -- Jack & Jill Husky Dog

Woo-hoo!!! I can't believe Nici's Christmas Edition soft toys are Winter Huskies!!! Only thing the soft toy itself didn't do a very good job to convince me to get them. But the accessories are!!! Muahaha!! I love the mug and Latte Cup they did. The design is very christmassie indeed with the husky cartoon print on it is so cute! I must get them soon! [Hyper-excited]

*wanted to post the Mug and Latte cup as well, only thing is that I have no idea why the picture in the net have chinese text on the cup!! Ish...

Jack the Husky Dog

Jill the Husky Dog

I'm obsess about Siberian Husky for a loooong time. Recently I found a nice Husky puppy selling thru the internet and it's soooooo ADORABLE. Great looking husky pup, show quality! Oh my.. How I really wish I could own it =( Too bad I'm staying in a condominium. It's sad to see my poor lil' dog not having enough place to run around. Especially big dogs like these need space and time to groom them well. I'm so getting a house with a huge lawn/garden for my dog next time.

He looks active

Isn't he adorable?

Awww.. me wanna bring him home =(


  1. hahaha...husky is cute!!
    the toy not bad~~XD
    grap one for me if u want to~~

  2. oi... u should grab one for me lor =(
    I so much more younger than you leh! Should make a lil' Girl happy. (serious)

  3. aaahhhh..... i also wana bring him home!! @@... so cute de.... omg....

    both of u just grap for me thn... =P arigato... hehe...

  4. uwahhh... if i grab ady dont want to give anyone liao lor~~ nyek nyek

  5. husky puppy looks cute! bigger size husky will looks 'yeng'..

    when u going to bring one home? hehehe

  6. wait til I get my own terrance house first. now staying at the condo how to bring him home wor ... =(

  7. @@... grap for me ler.... i love doggy~!! pls....... *innocent face* @@....

    kekeke... =P

  8. Lil Egg u ask Hon Mun and BAdboy grab for you lar... kekekkekee. (*ask them grab for me too.LOL)