Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snapshot Journal

Nice weather nice Sky

It's a long and winding road


Mini Banana. Nice & Yellow

So far the most effective way of catching annoying flies

Barbecue Lamb Steak with home-made sauce

Lights up the dark

Fire on running water


v(^^)V *maknanya manyak FUN

Monday, October 27, 2008

3rd Saturday of half day work

Yea I know this suppose to be posted last Saturday but not Monday. Hehe.. were busy with some stuff since Sunday til today only I had the time to online and really sit down and blog. I've got so much to blog!! ^^

Okay, last Saturday I went Ampang after work cos' mum wanted to get some groceries from Hock Chun (a supermarket that sells lots of imported goods). Looking for mash mellow to make something real tasty (unfortunately I didn't take photo of that! Darn, I forgot again!). So I decided to charm mum away to bring me to this particular Bakery place to have lunch. I loved the food there very much especially their Wild Mushroom Soup and Macaroni and Cheese Pasta. Well, I didn't eat pasta on that day, wanted to try something different but it turned out to be quite disapointing, but Nvm..

Wild Mushroom Soup serve with Mini Garlic Bread

Don't know what Fish Pie

Here's the glutton

This is the place we had lunch

"SI MUTT LAI CHAR" at Old Town Kopitiam, Tmn. Maluri

Basically, I find the fish pie just edible... weren't as good as I expected cos' the macaroni I had the French Macaroni and Cheese was good. Wild mushroom soup is great! But the best one I tried was Tony Roma's Wild Mushroom Soup, and I only had once!! I hate it whenever I visit Tony Roma's they don't have it cos' it's not their soup of the day! Zzzz... Man.. having a nice meal depends on luck too sometimes. Oh! Let not go too far off. The place I had lunch at Ampang is called The Bakery, located at Jln Ukay (don't have the exact address, I'll try get it next visit). They serve the usual western breakfast and sandwiches, and some other main course. They have dessert too! Freshly baked breads, cakes, pies, tarts and cookies! People who loves dessert like I do will absolutely be happy there to see the varieties in such a small little shop ^^

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strange things do happen

X-Ray Result

From the last post I mentioned about the weird case when I had the X-ray done the other day while I have to get my wisdom tooth removed. Here it is!! Noticed the circled spot? This is a ingrown strange extra tooth while all the above teeth are the "normal" number of adult teeth. So, how on earth this extra tooth appear??!!! O_o|| I'm really unexcited about this abnormal thing happening to me, and neither did the dentist told me that he have met patients with such problem. This tooth is not fully grown as you can see it's still underneath. So, what happens when it's grown?!! Surgery?.. T___T Why... I know I may be a little different at times but I didn't expect to be that different. I sure hope this tooth stays in there FOREVER!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A month of eating displeasure

I've always have problems when it comes to my teeth. I've gone through all procedures from just a minor tooth filling cause of decay to root treatment to crowning to tooth extraction (both milk tooth and grown tooth-Wisdom Tooth). If you ask me whether I'm afraid visiting the dental clinic? No, of cos' not. Just that sometimes I'm just sick and tired of all these problems and procedures I have to go through, thanks to my problematic weak teeth. Yes, I've always taken care of my teeth (We all have to, isn't it?). No, I don't skip brushing my teeth every morning and night. What it is to blame then? =____= Btw, I'm already used to it.

Been having this very very torturing problem of gums infection that causes my whole entire left mouth and sometimes even my neck to swell. I won't be able to open nor close my jaw, I can't talk much nor even eat. This is real hell for someone who just ADORES food! And this problems come visiting me every single month ever since July 08', just like my period la. Never thought that teeth can be so "Touchy", in other words "Emo".

Does weird things always happen to strange people? I've got even weirder news that I've encounter this afternoon. Took a half day leave cos' gums infection came to "visit" me (Great! Why now while I've got work?!). Thanks to it again, the half day leave cost me a salary deduction with M.C slip, like WTF?!! Fine, since the internship is compulsory I don't think it's wise to cause disaster to the office. Hahaha.. I'm never a problem creator ;) Peace~ Oh! Back to the main point. I got a wisdom tooth extraction this afternoon. Therefore, I had an X-ray as well. Hmm.. Found out that the "Weird" thing was... I've got a strange extra tooth (Either a molar or premolar) below my two bottom canine teeth, it wasn't suppose to be there!! I'm not a shark so I don't have to even drop and change an adult tooth!! What the heck is happening?! O_olll???? The moment Dr. Au look at the X-ray result and said :"Err.. I think there's an incident". Great ... So, more to come I guess. I've not tried any dental surgery and now soon to have it. Hoho... Sien =__=

This is one of the idiotic tooth that cause me part of the pain


Ms. Wisdom toothy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bon Appétit

Bad weather these days and mum got sick. Raining all the time outside, gonna be inconvenient to eat out then. So, I stopped by at the nearest supermarket on the way home from work and fetch some bacon and mushroom. I didn't know what to cook actually... Just let my senses guide me through then =) It took less than an hour to prepare this. It's Pasta and I don't remember the exact amount of stuff I added in (*Again*) Hehehe... So, Here's how it looks like ^^

Spiral Pasta and my very own White Sauce

There you go ;)

Here are the ingredients:-

- Part A -
+ Spiral Pasta
+ Herbs - Dried Parsley

- Part B -
+ Butter
+ Garlic and Onions
+ Cream
+ Milk
+ Flour (Just a little will do, to thicken the sauce)
+ Brown Mushroom
+ Streaky Bacon
+ Herbs - Oregano, Rosemary & Basil
+ Black Pepper & Salt

I started off thinking that I might make Baked Cheese Pasta or something at first similar to my previous post. Well, guess my senses didn't lead me there. Haha! I usually cook without much planning. Pretty happy with the outcome today =D Hope there's more to come! (more time as well)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nasi Lemak Dinner

So, Mum cooked last Friday for dinner and invited the Grand Aunties and her cousin Aunt Loraine over. She has been cooking every Friday ever since I started my training. And it's high time that she starts using the new kitchen. Hope there's more to come and more to share! ^^ Only thing I hope not to put on anymore weight, I can't risk my jeans getting loose caused by my "Blubber" =_=

This is my portion I took. Almost forgot to take photo of the food!!

That's Sambal Prawn with Petai, Fried Anchovies and Kacang.

Da family enjoying their meal =)

Should have taken photo before everyone is seated so that I'll have better pictures of individual dish =( Must be more alert next time. Cannot blur blur ady >_<"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random snapshots

These are all taken during my closest (also the craziest) uncle's semi-wedding gathering. Sorry I didn't take much portrait photos ... not very keen on portrait shots though >_<

some flowers taken around the club surrounding


cute flower n leaves that not much ppl notice it lying on the ground

look who I found! too bad he wasn't facing towards my camera =(


Made in China

Made in Malaysia. LOL!

Last one is something I would "WARN" u guys about


So, where I had this awful thing?? This "Tai Tong Group" branch is at dunno what club (with a golf field) located at Ampang. I'm not saying that TAI THONG is bad ... but this branch is just awful!!! food is terrible. This bowl of sharks fin soup is extremely starchy, I didn't even dare to try it (Just imagine how bad it is). I only look at the expression of the "white mice" tasting it. It even have this fishy smell when it gets cold. Goshh ... I never encounter any shark fin soup as horrible as this. Other than that, we had a lunch buffet there. As usual it's all bad ... I'm not sure how long have they store their food, since I bet there's not much customer only club members there and couples that wants to get married with a real low budget.

Sorry I didn't have time to go hunt for good food and to take nice photos to share recently. I was just too busy for anything, even my favorite hobby (Eating). Time to bring my camera around since I'm getting free! (WOW!! I'm finally free!!) Hehehe..

A lil' something I made

Since I had very late breakfast and very very early lunch ... I was dead hungry by the time it reaches 2pm. Without a car to go out pack something to eat. I'll just have to make up something. So, I just felt like making something though ingredient is so so limited at home after the kitchen makeover. This is something I made =)

Baked plain pasta in cream cheese sauce with herbs?
(Nvm, I rather it doesn't have a name)

No idea the exact amount I dumped in actually. LOL!!! Anyway, this is what it contains:-

+ Spiral pasta
+ Fresh Milk
+ Butter
+ Shredded Cheddar Cheese
+ Herbs - Parsley, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary
+ Cheddar Slice

Reason why I put so much herbs and spices in cos' I can't find any trace of meat in my freezer *Sigh* A lil' disappointed since I hardly have the urge to cook. But it still tasted fine~ ^^ even if it don't I'm sure it looks absolutely presentable =D!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Appreciation in a relationship - Part 2

Look what have I found ... ;)



你要知道,假若她不喜欢你,你根本就没有本事让她哭泣,即使让她生气也不会超过2 天!






无论以后怎么的复合,那些伤 口是曾经存在的,是你怎么也抹不去的……


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Appreciation a in relationship

This is something I read through the net many times and I decided to blog about it this time.



































By the end of the day this saying really depends, isn't it? It doesn't matter whether it's a girl or a guy, they have their own way of being sweet (some says "stupid"). Most people won't know how to appreciate a person unless they truly love someone, OR when that someone is gone and it's too late to hold back. Some takes time and experience(s) to understand the importance of appreciation. Since the fact is that both gender are extreme different in character, why don't someone make it fair to post up two different version? LOL!! Why always try to shout out that either one gender gave the most of themselves to the opposite gender? Just appreciate each other saje lar duh...
to Mr/Ms. Right.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh~

My dearest Grandfather turned 82yrs old this 27th Sept. 82 is a BIG number, and I'm sure he'll have a long life =) On and off I miss my grandparents, remembering the times they use to pamper me so much when I was a kid. Now that I've grown it's hard to get use to the way they treat me, like how it should be to treat a grown up. I missed those times so so much =( Guess I still enjoy being pampered like a lil' kid (who doesn't?) Hehehe... Well, everyone has to grow up right? Whatever it is I Love You "Yeh Yeh"~

Everyone around me is getting older each year... Mum, Dad...etc. Sometimes I do feel guilty not taking the initiative to spend time with them, especially mum actually. As for dad, he never had time for me. Time that I try to spend more time with them (Yea right! Action speaks louder than words). I always receive lots of e-mails telling us stories about our love ones. We hardly thought of spending time or appreciating our love ones, what they have done for us even their existence. And when they're gone we couldn't feel anything else than feeling sad, guilty and regretful. So what we felt the intense sourness in our hearts while we hear these stories, now we remember and we do something about it, then we forget again and things get back to how it was like.

Remember to love our love ones ×-