Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh~

My dearest Grandfather turned 82yrs old this 27th Sept. 82 is a BIG number, and I'm sure he'll have a long life =) On and off I miss my grandparents, remembering the times they use to pamper me so much when I was a kid. Now that I've grown it's hard to get use to the way they treat me, like how it should be to treat a grown up. I missed those times so so much =( Guess I still enjoy being pampered like a lil' kid (who doesn't?) Hehehe... Well, everyone has to grow up right? Whatever it is I Love You "Yeh Yeh"~

Everyone around me is getting older each year... Mum, Dad...etc. Sometimes I do feel guilty not taking the initiative to spend time with them, especially mum actually. As for dad, he never had time for me. Time that I try to spend more time with them (Yea right! Action speaks louder than words). I always receive lots of e-mails telling us stories about our love ones. We hardly thought of spending time or appreciating our love ones, what they have done for us even their existence. And when they're gone we couldn't feel anything else than feeling sad, guilty and regretful. So what we felt the intense sourness in our hearts while we hear these stories, now we remember and we do something about it, then we forget again and things get back to how it was like.

Remember to love our love ones ×-

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