Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strange things do happen

X-Ray Result

From the last post I mentioned about the weird case when I had the X-ray done the other day while I have to get my wisdom tooth removed. Here it is!! Noticed the circled spot? This is a ingrown strange extra tooth while all the above teeth are the "normal" number of adult teeth. So, how on earth this extra tooth appear??!!! O_o|| I'm really unexcited about this abnormal thing happening to me, and neither did the dentist told me that he have met patients with such problem. This tooth is not fully grown as you can see it's still underneath. So, what happens when it's grown?!! Surgery?.. T___T Why... I know I may be a little different at times but I didn't expect to be that different. I sure hope this tooth stays in there FOREVER!!


  1. ouch. so ur seriously going to operate em?

  2. Well, I'm not sure ... If it doesn't grow out most probably I can skip the surgery. Wish me luck. hhahahaha!

  3. If you get that teeth out, keep it. Don't throw it away. Make it into a necklace or something, so that you'll always remember the poor little teeth who couldn't rise to the top. ):

  4. omg interesting XD
    wont it rot and smell?

  5. hahaha....
    is ok lar~~~
    actually it may not harm for you...
    (if not grow out >.<)

    sayang ~~~
    maybe it is special characteristic of you~!

  6. Tim: I'll surely keep it IF it ever grows out and forced me to have it removed. Worth keeping it as a memory for something so strange.

    Liz: No it won't rot, our teeth is just like our bones. It'll smell if you don't clean it cos' of the blood that'll cause bacteria! LOL.

    Badboy: I couldn't link this weirdness to my own characteristics wei O_oll I may be mentally strange at times but I sure not hope physically strange @_@~~