Friday, April 5, 2013

Furusato Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

I can't believe that I've abandoned this blog for almost 3 years. Last post was in 2010, and it's already 2013 now! Well ok... At least I've not totally forgotten all about it?

Here's a good introduction of my favorite Japanese restaurant in the whole of Johor Bahru (maybe even KL cos their quality fluctuate all the time). Dining Japanese Cuisine at Johor Bahru is affordable as compared to KL if you're seeking for near authentic Japanese food. And if you order something off the menu in KL be sure you're prepared to get ripped off.

Enough of writing, here's the food photos:-

Smoked Duck Salad

Furosato's Japanese owner's favorite salad. The duck meat doesn't have the horrible duck taste, it's tasted almost like bacon! Goes really well with the salad with yuzu sauce (i think), sweetish sour. Very appetizing! 

Kama Shioyaki (Salt-Grilled Kama)

Fish flesh near the gills. Seafood are always FRESH in furusato due to their good business especially during dinner. They've got many Japanese customers cos not only their food is good! they regularly have got special dish out of the menu. One of the very few Japanese restaurant in JB that serves dishes that's authentically JAPANESE, not to match we Malaysian's taste bud. 

Sheiyo Shitake Karaage 

Deep fried breaded Shitake Mushroom. Top with mayo, some japanese not sure what sauce, and Katsuobushi (aka Bonito Flakes. Those shredded thing on Takoyaki). 

This dish wasn't in the menu and was recommended by them. A very UNIQUE dish that I've not tried in other Japanese restaurants. I've had stir fry, grilled, even tempura mushroom. Nothing beats this dish! Absolutely DELICIOUS. Seriously MUST TRY!! 

Goes well with shochu or sake if you like to enjoy with some light food. 

Yaki Niku

Grilled Pork in sweet japanese sauce. Very korean-chinese-ish taste. Not my favorite but it was good to try something different than teriyaki or tepanyaki. 

Curry Rice

You must be thinking there's nothing special about Japanese curry rice. Well, until you've tried really flavorful non-spicy curry rice you'll probably begin to like this. Yes, I'm a Malaysian and I used to not fancy curry that's not spicy cos it's so weird to me. But, Japanese curry is TASTY if it's nicely done by awesome chef. Very filling! *BURP*

Mochi-Age (Agedashi Mochi)

This is a very very special dish, and a very rare find in japanese restaurants, we don't see this in their menu and not all chef do this.

What we usually see in common is "Agedashi Tofu" which looked very similar this picture too. I'm sure anyone who ate that before would know what I'm referring to. So, this special dish... I requested to have "Mochi" instead of tofu. The chef knew exactly what I wanted!!! I was lucky to come across a chef that could deliver this delicacy.

Like all mochi, texture is sticky and chewy. Being fried, mochi have a slight different texture, less sticky, rougher, chewier! Do eat dipping the sauce and toppings that comes with it, very tasty! Mochi alone has aromatic rice flavor, consider it as a plain flavor, goes exceptionally well with "Agedashi" method way of eating. Love it!

Instead of going for Agedashi Tofu, why not go for Agedashi Mochi?

Furusato Japanese Restaurant
53, Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, 80400. JB.
Business Operating Hour:
12pm-2:30pm. 6pm-10:30pm
Open Daily