Friday, July 31, 2009

Shredded Chicken Soup Noodle & Popiah @ Taiping, Perak

I travel to Taiping every once a year or once every 2 years. Taiping is where my ancestors lived. Peaceful & quiet place, live up with the name itself "Taiping" (means Peace & Harmony). Love the place very much!

I would like to introduce a few local food at Taiping, noodles which is in business for at least 60 years passed down from mother to daughter, and the daughter is now already 70+ years old. Woots!

Here it is!
Opens in the morning until 12pm only.

Simple clear noodle soup with shredded chicken
The soup was tasty cos' I went there late

Bouncy Fishball
I'm not a big fan of fishball

Taiping Popiah have been famous in Malaysia, one of the best one I had was at Taiping! I was told it was very better when it is made before the precious owner, his father. It was sold for at least 40 years.

Popiah stall
(Located opposite "Public" Kodak photo shop)


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

新荣香 Fluffy Kaya Puff @ Ipoh

An old family friend of ours brought some kaya puff from Ipoh, I was told that it's famous and they sell it for many years already. Gotta be good, aye? =D

Fresh crisp fluffy puff with nice pastry aroma, minus the oily taste.
Lightly sweeten Kaya filling. Puff made in small size instead of the usual big ones, so 1 is never enough!

Rating : 3.5/5

Salted Egg yolk in Lotus paste
Of cos' they sell other stuff than kaya puff! But this is just so-so for me.

Rating : 2/5

Address to Kaya Puff

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pork Satay & Caramel Pudding @ Ipoh

I told you guys about me not at KL for the time being huh? Well, I'm now at Perak. Eventhough I don't get to online as often as I like, but there are WHOLE LOTS of food to explore! Thank goodness I brought my darling (camera) with me.

I visited Ipoh the first few days I reached Perak. My family's old friend brought us around Ipoh to have breakfast and early tea-break. I didn't take photo of our breakfast!!! T____T the noodles there were so good!! Better clear soup noodle than those in KL.

This is the first time I had pork satay! It's unbelievable cos' we're living in Malaysia, a muslim country where pork cannot be widely sold. They have pork meat satay and pork intestine satay, not bad for a first time experience. The pork intestine satay tasted quite interesting! A little chewy, but not hard to munch. Satay sauce was just so-so lar... nothing to shout about. The best Satay sauce I had was one of the satay shop at Kuala Selangor.

Pork Satay & Pork Intestine w/ satay sauce

Rating : 3/5

The same shop that serves this pork satay is an OLD kopitiam (more than 30years I bet?). This particular kopitiam sells caramel pudding as well! Even more unbelivable! It's sold limitedly everyday, and it has been in business for many many donkey years, and still taste as good as ever.

Caramel Pudding

Rating : 4/5

The caramel pudding has very smooth texture, aromatic eggish milkish creamy taste... with caramel sauce that makes everything taste so good!! something I can die for! Can't wait to go and eat again next time =D

Another thing I ordered was herbal tea with egg. I was like WHAT? Since I've never tried it... no harm right?? When I taste it, it was just normal kopitiam herbal tea lar... with hard boil egg in it. Hahaha... I thought what was it so strange pulaks...

30+ year old kopitiam

I'll keep my blog update again pretty soon... stay tuned ;)

La Zha Mee & Curry Bun @ Port Dickson

It's been so many uncountable years (Exaggerating =P) since I last been to Port Dickson, around 14 years I think? Ok lar... not so uncountable lar right? Hahaha...

Anyway, I spent 2 days 1 night there, stayed at Avilion PD. The resort is amazingly big & nice!! Ok, I'm not here to talk about the resort. Let's get back to food shall we?

On the way heading back to KL, we stopped at one of the known place along the main road to eat "La Zha Mee" (拉渣面, "Dirty Noodle" if you were to "carelessly" read in cantonese). Don't worry, it's not dirty of cos'! They prepare it in different style. We ordered it plain (kosong) & fried with the usual ingredients like meat & vege.

Ordered another two side dish which is mix ingredients in soup. One is seafood (prawn, fish, mince pork, pork, vege) & another one is Beancurd mix (fish ball, various beancurd, vege, meanball, pork).

I personally prefer the La Zha Mee cooked plain, without all the vege & meat that takes away the taste of the goodness of the handmade La Zha noodles. In other hand, the one cooked with meat & vege taste just like all the fried noodles we can find at any local chinese food place.

Dry plain La Zha Mee

Dry Fried with meat & vege

Seafood mix soup

Beancurd mix soup
Soup is tasty, hope they didn't add too much MSG in it to taste. Seafood is fresh there, so the soup taste alright. The Beancurd not bad too, some of it they use fish paste in the beancurd, Nice!! Owh!! you may want to add a little more pepper onto the soup, trust me... it taste better ;)

久拉揸面食 Kedai Makanan & Minuman Mian Jiu
No. 1854, Jalan Besar 71010 Lukut

After a good stomuch filling meal, bought curry bun (Huge size) which located just a couple of shops away (on the left if you were to come out of the noodle shop). What so special about this curry bun? I don't know myself... Maybe it's becos' they wrap the curry chicken with curry sauce in plastic wrapper with aluminium foil and bake the bun together.

Huge curry bun in the display shelve

So huge.... lol
How do you eat it??
Cut the bun open, unwrap the plastic with the curry chicken in it. Start peeling the bun and dipping it into the curry and eat it! That simple!

So I guess it's the way they did the bun and the way we eat it makes it special huh? Taste of the curry chicken is just averagely good.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'll be away for the time being. So sad myself that I can't be blogging and updating all the good food I had recently. No internet connection at where I'm staying now (far away from my home *sobs*)

Well, I'll be sure to post ALOT as soon as I get to online properly and not just a short while. Lot lot lots of food showing here when the time comes... hehehe...

Hope anyone who follows my blog miss me!! T_T
I won't be gone just yet!!

I'll be back... (terminator 2 quote) XD