Sunday, July 26, 2009

La Zha Mee & Curry Bun @ Port Dickson

It's been so many uncountable years (Exaggerating =P) since I last been to Port Dickson, around 14 years I think? Ok lar... not so uncountable lar right? Hahaha...

Anyway, I spent 2 days 1 night there, stayed at Avilion PD. The resort is amazingly big & nice!! Ok, I'm not here to talk about the resort. Let's get back to food shall we?

On the way heading back to KL, we stopped at one of the known place along the main road to eat "La Zha Mee" (拉渣面, "Dirty Noodle" if you were to "carelessly" read in cantonese). Don't worry, it's not dirty of cos'! They prepare it in different style. We ordered it plain (kosong) & fried with the usual ingredients like meat & vege.

Ordered another two side dish which is mix ingredients in soup. One is seafood (prawn, fish, mince pork, pork, vege) & another one is Beancurd mix (fish ball, various beancurd, vege, meanball, pork).

I personally prefer the La Zha Mee cooked plain, without all the vege & meat that takes away the taste of the goodness of the handmade La Zha noodles. In other hand, the one cooked with meat & vege taste just like all the fried noodles we can find at any local chinese food place.

Dry plain La Zha Mee

Dry Fried with meat & vege

Seafood mix soup

Beancurd mix soup
Soup is tasty, hope they didn't add too much MSG in it to taste. Seafood is fresh there, so the soup taste alright. The Beancurd not bad too, some of it they use fish paste in the beancurd, Nice!! Owh!! you may want to add a little more pepper onto the soup, trust me... it taste better ;)

久拉揸面食 Kedai Makanan & Minuman Mian Jiu
No. 1854, Jalan Besar 71010 Lukut

After a good stomuch filling meal, bought curry bun (Huge size) which located just a couple of shops away (on the left if you were to come out of the noodle shop). What so special about this curry bun? I don't know myself... Maybe it's becos' they wrap the curry chicken with curry sauce in plastic wrapper with aluminium foil and bake the bun together.

Huge curry bun in the display shelve

So huge.... lol
How do you eat it??
Cut the bun open, unwrap the plastic with the curry chicken in it. Start peeling the bun and dipping it into the curry and eat it! That simple!

So I guess it's the way they did the bun and the way we eat it makes it special huh? Taste of the curry chicken is just averagely good.


  1. That photograph of the two buns looks like tits, man. HAHAHA!!!! And it makes your description on how to eat it, absolutely weird. XD "Cut the bun open..."

    "Averagely good". HAHAZ!

  2. What is the name of the la zha mee restaurant?

    1. 久拉揸面食
      Kedai Makanan & Minuman Mian Jiu
      No. 1854, Jln Besar, 71010 Lukut

    2. I'll be visiting it this weekend, thank you :)

    3. you're most welcome! i didn't noticed there weren't address stated. thanks to your comment that made me realize ;)