Friday, July 31, 2009

Shredded Chicken Soup Noodle & Popiah @ Taiping, Perak

I travel to Taiping every once a year or once every 2 years. Taiping is where my ancestors lived. Peaceful & quiet place, live up with the name itself "Taiping" (means Peace & Harmony). Love the place very much!

I would like to introduce a few local food at Taiping, noodles which is in business for at least 60 years passed down from mother to daughter, and the daughter is now already 70+ years old. Woots!

Here it is!
Opens in the morning until 12pm only.

Simple clear noodle soup with shredded chicken
The soup was tasty cos' I went there late

Bouncy Fishball
I'm not a big fan of fishball

Taiping Popiah have been famous in Malaysia, one of the best one I had was at Taiping! I was told it was very better when it is made before the precious owner, his father. It was sold for at least 40 years.

Popiah stall
(Located opposite "Public" Kodak photo shop)



  1. always search nice food ....
    still can keep yr body fit status ? ^^

  2. What a strange name for a restaurant. "KAKAK". Hmm, if i'm not mistaken, "The Girl I used to love" is from Taiping. LoL!

  3. J'son : ekekeke.... can wan~ must have motivation in eating and keeping fit!!

    Tim : Those days it's not necessary to have the signage in malay. It was all along in chinese tho..

  4. Same food and same pronounce as in Thailand :-)

  5. Owh! Cool!
    Then I'm sure I can order it in Thailand too! =D

  6. Nice... More taiping food here lah. It will take you few days just nice to finish off the food and visiting.