Monday, August 10, 2009

Recommended food blogger @ Taipei, Taiwan

Hey hungry people!! Here's a great blog I found!

Check it out!! --->>> a hungry girl's guide to taipei

She blogs everything about the food she eats around Taipei. Lots of info of where to eat, what's good and what's NOT. Photos of what she had with critics and prices, and of cos' address and map to the place as well!


  1. It's 4:16am and I'm suddenly hungry..... By the way, how come my blog link in your blog says that I haven't updated my blog in 1 month? And that "R.I.P" post was ages ago. LoLz.

  2. not sure why... will check later. hahaha! ages...

  3. Your report is very interesting indeed. I invite You to see a great collection of views of borders (riigipiirid) in my Italian-Estonian site
    Best wishes from Italy!