Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paddington House of Pancakes @ The Curve

My 2nd visit to Paddington House of Pancakes!! My camera ran out of battery the 1st visit so I didn't get to post it! *sobs* Oh well, since I visited again couple of days back now there's photos of it! =D

Passion Soda? Soda Passion? (forgotten the name)
Very aromatic passion fruit taste with hint of tingling soda, a drink where I'm sure most people would love it!!
Highly Recommended!

Lamb Chop (forgotten the name as well)
The lamb is not well marinated, almost tasteless & most of all not tender enough. The pancake that comes with it taste alright, fluffy with a lil' potato taste to it.

Steak with Fruits & Vege along with Passion fruit sauce (forgot the name again)
This could be one of their best seller for steak. I absolutely love the steak when u pour the passion fruit sauce over, Yummy!! Very different than the common black pepper sauce we use to eat.
Definately recommended for people who loves steak =D

I'll surely visit again when I have the time! I can't wait to try more of their food! Their menu have so much varieties that you just can't decide what to it. Especially having the main course looking like dessert as well is so so so tempting! *hearts*


  1. Homygoodness, I love their pancakes. :D But i've only been there once so far though.

    You should go during lunch time, if anything. It's so much cheaper then. :)

  2. Thx for the info... I've not visited paddington for lunch "yet"! which branch do u usually go?? I went to the one in The curve twice.