Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bon Appétit

Bad weather these days and mum got sick. Raining all the time outside, gonna be inconvenient to eat out then. So, I stopped by at the nearest supermarket on the way home from work and fetch some bacon and mushroom. I didn't know what to cook actually... Just let my senses guide me through then =) It took less than an hour to prepare this. It's Pasta and I don't remember the exact amount of stuff I added in (*Again*) Hehehe... So, Here's how it looks like ^^

Spiral Pasta and my very own White Sauce

There you go ;)

Here are the ingredients:-

- Part A -
+ Spiral Pasta
+ Herbs - Dried Parsley

- Part B -
+ Butter
+ Garlic and Onions
+ Cream
+ Milk
+ Flour (Just a little will do, to thicken the sauce)
+ Brown Mushroom
+ Streaky Bacon
+ Herbs - Oregano, Rosemary & Basil
+ Black Pepper & Salt

I started off thinking that I might make Baked Cheese Pasta or something at first similar to my previous post. Well, guess my senses didn't lead me there. Haha! I usually cook without much planning. Pretty happy with the outcome today =D Hope there's more to come! (more time as well)

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