Monday, October 27, 2008

3rd Saturday of half day work

Yea I know this suppose to be posted last Saturday but not Monday. Hehe.. were busy with some stuff since Sunday til today only I had the time to online and really sit down and blog. I've got so much to blog!! ^^

Okay, last Saturday I went Ampang after work cos' mum wanted to get some groceries from Hock Chun (a supermarket that sells lots of imported goods). Looking for mash mellow to make something real tasty (unfortunately I didn't take photo of that! Darn, I forgot again!). So I decided to charm mum away to bring me to this particular Bakery place to have lunch. I loved the food there very much especially their Wild Mushroom Soup and Macaroni and Cheese Pasta. Well, I didn't eat pasta on that day, wanted to try something different but it turned out to be quite disapointing, but Nvm..

Wild Mushroom Soup serve with Mini Garlic Bread

Don't know what Fish Pie

Here's the glutton

This is the place we had lunch

"SI MUTT LAI CHAR" at Old Town Kopitiam, Tmn. Maluri

Basically, I find the fish pie just edible... weren't as good as I expected cos' the macaroni I had the French Macaroni and Cheese was good. Wild mushroom soup is great! But the best one I tried was Tony Roma's Wild Mushroom Soup, and I only had once!! I hate it whenever I visit Tony Roma's they don't have it cos' it's not their soup of the day! Zzzz... Man.. having a nice meal depends on luck too sometimes. Oh! Let not go too far off. The place I had lunch at Ampang is called The Bakery, located at Jln Ukay (don't have the exact address, I'll try get it next visit). They serve the usual western breakfast and sandwiches, and some other main course. They have dessert too! Freshly baked breads, cakes, pies, tarts and cookies! People who loves dessert like I do will absolutely be happy there to see the varieties in such a small little shop ^^

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  1. hahaha...u seem like really enjoy in the meal~~~~

    very serious in cutting ur fish pie~XD

    then next time bring me there~~= =+