Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Lil' Celeste...

Exact date of her birthday is 26th actually. I'm just slightly late since I created this blog after midnight XD

She's now only 5 years old, imagine the 10+ years gap between me and my lil' cousin sis. Most of them is about that age though. Making feel old from time to time... Why do I always have to be the eldest? With this baby young face + petite body of mine make me feel even Odd being the big sis in the whole family. One day these kids gonna grow so tall looking 45 degree down at me calling me "Jeh Jeh" (X_x). What to do... my 6' tall dad genes not strong enough, ataupun my almost 5' tall mum genes too strong. Nvm, look cute and pretty can ady (not trying to offend you guys. LOL!! just want to console myself).

Make a wish and blowie cakey time

Her Fav ^^v sign with a nice pleasant smile =)

First time Big Jeh Jeh take took the initiative to take a photo with you for memories

Though I may get agitated with her all the time for being a brat. But she still looks extremely adorable, she'll still my lovely cousin. May she be guided properly to be good in future... No more spoil brat. Jeh jeh will love you very much <3>

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