Sunday, November 30, 2008


Had lunch at one of the restaurant near the seaside of Kuala Selangor. Noticed that there's a lot of car park there. Must be some good food right? Believe me ... it's real good food! I guess this place is pretty famous. Some of the tables aren't Kuala Selangor people, bet they are from KL cos' they speak Cantonese. Most of the people in Kuala Selangor is either Hokkien or Mandarin spoken.

I brought my camera with me this time but I forgot to bring it along while going out!!! ARGHHH... @^&$#%#@$!! Thank god the hp camera is good enough to take macro shots ~__~
So here we are!!

Restaurant. Look at the number of cars!!

The view

1st Dish. Errr... sea snails? with chili dip

Homemade Otak-otak (*not from Muar, Johor)

Fried cuttlefish with salted egg (Yumyum!!)

Flower crab with not sure what sauce

Deep fried bun that goes with the crab

It was a good experience trying out the nice looking shell snail though... the only snail I remember eating was Escagot (French Snail). The texture is tougher than the usual snail we eat, dipping it into the special chili sauce taste great! Only thing is that I don't really fancy that sorta taste. Hehe..

Next dish is their homemade otak otak. Tasted so different compared to the Muar otak-otak. More seafood taste! I don't know how to describe but it's really delicious. It's served with chilli sauce that's quite sour and it enhance the taste of the otak-otak.

Then comes the fried sotong with salted egg. You can never find a deep fried sotong tasted as good in KL!! The crunchy-ness of the sotong is damn freaking fresh! And the taste of how they cook it is ... Uwah~~~ Kekekeke...

Last dish is the crab. I don't know how they cook it anyway. The sauce is milkish yellowishy and they cook it with curry leaves. Just tasting the sauce really can make you feel like you're in heaven! That was what I felt when I first try the sauce. Man.. I can't forget the taste at all! The flavor is slightly like the crispy thingy of "Butter fried prawn". Hope you get what I mean. But this is sooooooooooo delicious! Taste to die for! It comes with the fried bun that you can dip it into the sauce and just eat it. Though I'm so full right now I think I can still have another serving. Hahaha!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos ;)


  1. hey!..that restaurant?..i went before...hmm if not mistaken outside of the restaurant sells alot of keropok 1 rite?..but quite hot eh?

  2. keropok ar ... I forgot ady wor.. coz' that day damn a lot of cars. car until so full leh! anyhow also kuala selangor almost everywhere also sell a lot of keropok wan lor.. ekekeke

  3. FuiYO....Nice Food Girl~ ^^
    You Ate on the boot ?

  4. where got... still got ppl comment here mah... hehehe... ^^....

  5. own kind to survive yah?...XP....
    some more put me as sharkie wong..>__<" gone larh my reps..
    hahahahaha jk jk...
    Hehe change yours to siput choy 1st..hahahahahaha

  6. Json : Not on the boat la.. U think Thailand meh.. akaka!

    Lil' Egg : TQ for supporting me too T__T

    Sharky Wong : Err.. Not really gua >_<" Do you eat sharks fin then? XD
    eh? being shark rep very bad merh? yiks! my name gonna sound more pelik than yours lar X_x

  7. hahahahaha...i can't eat my own kind...wakakakaka.. i'm allergic to seafood.. especially shark fins, so sad huh?..XP..
    siput choy not bad wert..hahahahaha..

  8. Owhh.. Yahor.. dah lupa =P
    I saw ur blog ady .. really siput choy =="~
    I think other your classmates and the pangkor trip gang nobody else know who is that ady X_x