Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I "H.A.T.E" Dieting

Vanity is really killing me. I'm getting plummer each day and I'm just overly conscious to wear spaghetti top or halter bare back tops. Arghh..! T-shirt everyday!

Man... It really sucks. Now I got to go on a diet against my own will, cos' I'll be starving every noon an hour before lunch. I've got a huge appetite and if I'm not feed enough I'll get hungry very soon. Everyone must be thinking that my digestion and metabolism should be very high since I'm slim and get hungry very quickly. NO WAY MAN! Sitting all day in the office is making me chubby even I in take lesser food... Torturing larrrrrrrr... I can't wait till training is over and I get my ass back to college.

Now I got to consume food replacement "milk shake" to substitute my breakfast that can barely last me 2 hours. Or else I won't be able to fit in my jeans and mini skirt soon. Ish... I miss the period that I don't seem to even gain any weight though I've been eating a lot (2x more than usual female). Now I didn't even have the time to go for work outs cos' of the full-time training. *sigh*

Pls pls pls let the time fly faster for the time being T__T