Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas at Midvalley Megamall

Everyone has been blogging Christmas Decoration in various shopping complex. Haha... I'm kinda late for blogging this myself. Hard to catch up on new stuff these days due to my very inflexible time. Here are some photos I took yesterday when I went Midvalley for christmas present and deco hunting, thought I only got 1 present and christmas cards after hours of shopping. Ugh...

I must have this cheesecake next time!!!!

(I've got a terrible urge of using a spoon to scoop and just eat it like that)


  1. My dad bought a big Christmas Log Cake. But not sure if we all can finish it. Hmm quite rich in chocolate, though.

    Oooh when i'm in NZ, I must eat Pavlova. The best dessert ever!!! Good for Christmas too. Contains extremely high amounts of sugar. LoL!

    Do not drive after consuming.

    What else you want from NZ, just in case I can't get any sheep fur stuff.

  2. did you take a picture of the big christmas log cake?! Aww man... making my mouth watery now.

    Oh gosh.. desserts!!!! Noo.... T__T Don't forget to take nice nice photos of it. Though I didn't have the chance to taste it but at least I can still see it. Hahaha..

    Btw, I can't imagine if I were to consume that "Extremely high in sugar" thingy. I'll be laughing non-stop wei! (not sure whether you ever seen me in that situation. LOL)

    Not sure.. I would love to have those nice desserts but I don't want it with mold for sure. Haha! Just joking.. you decide it, ok? it's the thought that counts ;) thx Mothy!

  3. No I haven't take photo of that log cake. But no worries, I will.

    I bet you look cute when you laugh like mad after getting a heavy dose of sugar. :)

    So, when you fini workies? I have 4 working days left.

  4. I might just look a lil crazy. Haha!

    Oh? You took leave or something? when did you start your internship anyway? I started at 6th Oct and ending at 27th Dec. You're fast tho!

  5. I started October 6th, and my internship officially ends December 23rd. 11 weeks and 2 days.

    No need to take leave. Actually I could have ended my internship last week. Ngam Ngam 10 weeks. But leceh lah.

  6. Eh? From our brief I'm sure we are required to go on a 12 weeks internship. Why you can end so early pulak?

  7. 10 to 12 weeks, lah. less than 10, you fail. More than 12 also you fail because if more than 12 weeks, it means you not go college.


  8. LOL! I didnt know that. Cos' from ID department while they brief us, we suppose to go for 12 weeks training. Yea.. It's GHEY for sure!

  9. PJCAD has strange rules. But I have no complaints because most of the lecturers are decent blokes and that they at least try their best not to fail anyone (especially aSir).

    But my main reason for liking the college is that I get to observe one girl's sweaty armpit in my class. :)