Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pressies!!

It's boxing day now, didn't have the time to blog last night. Too busy with the family and friends get together thingy. Hehehe.. Had fun~ Lots of fun! Did a couple of dishes for Christmas with dear Mummy *Love*

Don't play play ar.. Really Handmade wan ar~


I've made changes for the back.
There should be a "Merry Christmas 08' " sewed on too =)

It's Done!!

Next!!! This part of photos are taken last night. Christmas this year is celebrated at my own house, so happen my relatives have gone overseas this year, left us behind *sob* Oh well! Hope by the time their back I'll be receiving a nice hand carried imported pressie from my dear cousin! Hehehe... I better get ready her present before she gets back =P

WARNING!! HIGHLY TEMPTED PHOTOS BELOW!! Please DO NOT view if you're starving and could not ease your hunger immediately! :-

Haha... Just joking lar... "Partly" I mean =P

When it's in the oven

Woo-Hoo!! Roasted Chicken

Paprika Garlic Prawn

Roasted Brussels Sprout

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Garlic Bread to serve with the soup

White Cream Potato

Lemon Sour Plum

Every dish here except for the garlic bread were cooked for the first time. Glad that everything turned out great! *Happy*

More entries to come! I'm going for the boxing day gathering at Aunt Loraine's house =)

Hope you guys enjoy reading so far. Cheer ;)

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