Saturday, December 27, 2008

Presents Unwrapping

Always the most exciting part of Christmas, where you'll be wondering what in that lil' nice present box with your name on it. Hehehe... Well, I loved this Christmas very much though my relatives aren't here. But I still have my family and friends around. Their existence is the best thing that ever ever ever happen to me. I'm nothing without them! Love ya all *Muacckksss*!!

Sharon Jeh & Mum with her doggies

My Christmas Pressies of the year!! WEeeee~~~ ^^
*Muackksssss 2 u*

This bunny very cute but very kacau


  1. tarak org leave comment wor..
    cham pity pity...
    well well..u good lor..get so many christmas present.

  2. Tentu lor I good~ (angel face)
    Akakaka... =P