Thursday, December 4, 2008

Online shopping Addict..!!

Recently been surfing so much websites and forum cos' working time is Hella BORING! Normal surfing website makes me sleepy too. Online shopping is the NOW thing these days. You can get practically anything through the net. These people are so smart to tackle female's addiction even through online! I'm sure they do good business, cos' the sad thing is that Malaysia's Fashion style is so so OUTdated, aside from the high end fashion retail shop that will torn your pocket and purse into ashes and dust. LOL!! Well, I do hope one day I'll be capable enough to shop that way. Hehehe...

So, here are the stuff I purchased these few days:-

White boots

Light Brown Boots (Mum's)

Slightly Darker Brown (Mine)

I seriously hope these boots doesn't turn out with horrendous workmanship cos' I'm seriously not into any sort of that. It will be the last call to order these if it were to be terrible. This is why I don't really find much nice clothings around.. even shoes too! (One thing it's becos' I'm extra Petite) Ugh..

Next piece...

Glam Brocade Dress in Onyx - by Rox/Sta Studio

I'm not too worried about the outcome of Rox/Sta Studio 's garment workmanship. It should very well sewed some the price are about the same like good retail store in the market. Some special edition garments can goes up to Rm200++. Imagine how good it should be right? Haha.. Anyway I should Thank my dear classmate Sue Jan for introducing me this website. You guys should visit it too!

--->> ROX/STA Studio

Enjoy ;)


  1. Japs and Korys like to wear those boots. Do you want one from New Zealand? Sheep skin.

  2. Ohhhh!! Yes PLS!! But will it be extremely expensive?? and it'll too warm for malaysia right? =(

  3. I'll check out the price. It shouldn't cost a bomb because there's billions of sheep over there. Warm yes, but comfortable nonetheless. Hmm they even sell sheep wool toilet seat covers, you know. :)

    What's your feet size.

  4. woo....someone seem like crazy in boots now....= =+

    not feel warm when you wear it in m'sia?

  5. Mothy - Ohh.. true also huh.. hehe. Hmmm.. My size is ...

    Europe Size - 34
    US size - Around 3 - 3.5

    boot should be slightly bigger right?
    Will you online there? So that you'll be able to send me sample photos of the boots? =D

    Badboy - Errr.. I think it'll be quite hot. But.. Cute mahh... XD

  6. yup! i agree! they are very OUTDATED! VERY VERY VERY OUTDATED!