Friday, December 12, 2008

Header Image for *Christmas*

Well, all of a sudden I've just got the urge to create an image for my header for Christmas! Now it looks a little more "Christmasie". Hehehe.. Do you agree? I think it looks kinda kiddy though.. Haha! At least it looks colourful enough to me. Christmas SHOULD be that way! I'll see whether I've got the time to improve it soon.. I hope =P *a big smack on my lazy bum* Christmas has got to be FUN this year! It's a must! I've got to make it extra special! (But I don't know how yet) Hehehe... I'll surely post what I'll be doing/making/preparing! Just can't wait for more things to blog!! *super duper excited*

Do keep track =D


  1. I guess he got eaten by a huge Monsterous present. LOL!

  2. Hehehe. Or maybe he's got banged by those Christmas chicks in my blog. LOL.

  3. wow!! Nice wor....^^
    Happy X Mas....for you 1st...

  4. Mothy : LOls.. Most propably yes! Sad wei.. Kids wont be having presents from Santa this year

    Json : Hehehe... Thx Json ^^ Tot of making one for your own blog?

  5. Recession and political mayhem. The only presents kids will get are bombs and drugs.

    Oh well, at least they get something.

    (i want to smell girls' armpits for Christmas).

  6. hahaha...
    so cute !!!!
    I like that ~~XD
    do one for me~~= =+

    christmas got any plan or not?
    let get out for a meet ~~~ = =+
    seem like a crazy idea~~= ="

  7. Mothy : that'll be your best christmas present aye? make sure you dont grab the wrong girl that smells like "S.P.S" LOL!!! I don't want to visit you in the ICU. Hahahhahaha!

    Badboy : I'm sort of running out of ideas and time .. or else I'll surely make an improved one of this =( Ohh... I'm always unavailable on christmas, family gatherings. Hehehe.. Sorry O~

  8. want do for me also >?
    i want! i want !! ^^

  9. Hot girls with B.O are cool as well. LoL seriously.