Friday, December 19, 2008

Random shots at Aunt Jo's place

I feel bad not having a lot of photos to show off. My sight of spotting nice angle on nice stuff is just HORRIBLE. How la call myself a Design? Ish... Alright then, guess I need more practice. Better be sure that I make full use of my Canon G9 before hunting for a new DSLR, must not waste... Bad girl =(

Here are a few shots I took at Aunt Jo's house during Aunt Oli's birthday gathering. Aunt Jo travels overseas pretty often and she have this huge piece of wall that she hangs decorative stuff that she gets from overseas. And most of all... she made her house look GREAT! I'll post the photos up the next visit =D

Annabelle's Favorite pass time, Mine too!

Tissue Roll cover. Nice right?

Obviously you should know where she got this from

I love this! But I have no idea where she got this!

Coca-Cola Classic


  1. The mask is probably from New Orleans, U.S.A.

    Eldest sister went there and it was Mardi Gras festival. People where that kind of mask to celebrate some kind of shit during the festival.

  2. Oh, and the tissue roll cover. I have an ashtray with the same design. Bought it from my glorious hometown of Kuching, Sarawak. 100% hand made and using natural material.

    Switzerland....I haven't been there in 6 years. LoL. Nice country, lots of MOVENPICK ice-cream vendors at the roadside, billions of SWATCHES, and Swiss Cheese. Mmmm.

  3. Awwww... man... Movenpick! That's just too tempting >__<

  4. Hmm if there was a ripoff of Movenpick called Moven"Prick", then I'll bet the products they sell will be extremely CREAMY.

    I prefer the brand "Bulla" though. You should try it. Aussie made.

  5. If I have not mistaken it's also sold in the supermarket here right? I mean those that sells imported stuff

  6. Yup they sell it in Cold Storage, and for a short period of time, in Giant. It used to be hell expensive, 40 bucks a tub. But now it's like 15-20 a tub.

    I better get one tomorrow. LoL.

  7. LOL!!! shit wei! I'm keeping fit right now. Or else I'll surely get 1 tub too!
    Must get back in shape! hahaha.

  8. It's fat free ice-cream. Celebrities eat it too. :)