Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Burfday Aunt Olivier

15th December is Aunt Oli's exact Burfday. Celebrated at Aunt Jo's house last night. Hehe... Wishing her a very happy and wonder birthday. May her wishes come true. *Huggsss*
Here's some photos =)

1 big HAPI family

1 whole big HAPPI family

The all time loving couple w/ their child

Sista 2 Sista

Burfday Cake of the day (surprisingly I didn't lay my hands on it. LOL!!)

Like most of our gatherings, there's ALWAYS home cook dinner by Aunt Grand Mary. One of the best cook in the family! *Muacks* Love ya!

Fried don't know what Fish

Fu Yong Egg

Steam Chicken (This is one of her best dish!)

Chili Pepper Squid (Tapao wan larrr... but tasty lor =P)

One thing I just realized... why all the dishes seems to share the same tone of colour ar??! LOL! coincident wei!


  1. hahaha...yes!
    all is yellow color one= ="

    and which dish cooked by you?
    when u want cook for me to try?

  2. none by me. LOlx... I can't cook =P

  3. "Fried Don't Know What Fish".

    Hmm I guess it's genetically engineered, then. LoL!

    Looks like Cod Fish though (Not COD as in CALL OF DUTY, but COD) Haha!!!

  4. Hahaaha... Definately not Cod Fish. It doesn't have think layer of fish fats. AND!! of cos' Cod Fish are usually steamed, panfried or grill. NEVER deep fried (if not mistaken lar. LOL)

    [C]ash [O]n [D]elivery Fishy. Time for mothy to come out with more modified short forms! LOL

  5. They fry Cod Fish in New Zealand and Canada, by the way. Fat free vegetable oil.

    Tomorrow is my last day of doing actual work. Next week Monday & Tuesday i'll be chilling around in office.

  6. Owhh... Syok lar then. I'll be still working on the actual stuff til 27th tho. Boring... Makes me not feel not like working when I graduate. LOL!!

  7. I don't feel like going back to college. Even though I have to go back.

    Lst 6 months of college will be spent staring at Mr. V's shiny bald spot, which is getting larger and larger by the month. I'll bet you that when July comes, his head will be as shiny as the tip of a penis when fully erected.