Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I had a dream...

Just before I got up this morning, I had a dream... weird dream in fact. I have no idea what does it mean nor portrait.

All I remember was I'm with a few person, a girl that I do not know in reality. It was something I said that made her mad at me and there goes the commotion. We began to cat fight, she's really tall... hard for me to fight back huh? And she was holding a hot kettle. While I grab her wrist to stop her from attacking me or something, she uses the kettle and burned my cheek. Gosh... the fight goes on and on till I successfully pushed her to the bed and have the kettle burn her thighs O_oll What kinda dream is that?? Then everything stopped, I went out and saw my mum, she asked :" Oh my! What happened!?" but with very less emotion shown on her face.

I wonder... Who's that tall girl anyway? Never seen her before nor any familiar scent. Hmm...?

Haha... Oh well~ Strange huh? I've got lots more strange dream. Should write here if I could remember it!

And Yea.. I was having lunch alone today. As usual I'll be having Indian Food. Ordered a few indian snack (Don't know the name) Dall or something, and roti bakar. Okay... about this roti bakar (Toast bread) at Mamak. This is what happened...


OIII~~~!!! Roti Bakar ini macam ke!?!?!


  1. "I wonder... Who's that tall girl anyway? Never seen her before nor any familiar scent. Hmm...?"

    Your future wife. :)

    Familiar scent, aye. You didn't smell her armpits!

  2. I may love girls, but I'm not LES. LOLX!!

    You may want to smell hers. Hahaha..

  3. Girls smell other girls' armpits too. LoL.

    Ooo I have completed my internship. And my flight to NZ is Wednesday night.

  4. woo....wat a so special dreams!
    u must be too stress for ur life now...= ="

    remember, just sleep, dun think too much when u fall at sleep~~@@

    that is call "roti tak bakar"~XD

  5. Mothy :- happy Holidays Dude!! =D

    Badboy :- I dont know ler.. my dreams are all crazeee... LOL! owh! That is called "Roti ter-GIAP"