Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday pasta crave

It was another boring day at work, been real "free" these few days. There's almost nothing to do other than looking for more images to please the client. Most of the time I'll be surfing the net, surfing the net, surfing the net ... *repeated. I'm sure you can imagining how that is. Thank god it's Saturday and it's only HALF DAY!!!! Woo-HOO!!

I've got this sudden craving for pasta while I surf a Taiwan forum and came across this healthy talk thingy and they mentioned pasta! So Yea.. That's how it started. Then I decided to go have pasta at my mum's girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend's restaurant (Phew @_@~). The last time I visited this place was more than half a year ago when it was newly open. Food is not bad there, service is great too! This restaurant is located around the area opposite Sunway Pyramid. It was a coincident that the review on their restaurant is in The Star newspaper today! These are the dishes I ordered for today ^^

Oglia Olio Pasta + Prawn (Chili is optional)

Grill Butter Fish

Cream Cheese Mussel + Garlic Bread (garlic bread not included)

Dragon Fruit Juice (Highly recommended!!)

I kinda like the Olio Pasta for it's different than what I always eat and kinda got bored of it (cabonara & bolognese). They serve it plain, prawn, beef pepperoni, vegetarian and chicken as well. You can have it with chili if you like it spicy, as for me I prefer it spicy =P

As for the Grill Butter Fish, it's real tasty! They grill the fish and serve it with cream sauce that goes well with it. Best thing is that the fish doesn't have that strong unpleasant fishy taste. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon too for extra tingly taste! Oh! One more thing is that butter fish meat texture is slightly tougher than Dory and Cod Fish, but it taste good!

Cream cheese mussel is my Fav! Maybe cos' I love the sauce especially when you order garlic bread and dip it with the cream cheese sauce. It's absolutely yummy! The mussel itself ok lar.. cannot compare with the high class buffet mussel yet (Price counts mah!!)

You definitely cannot miss the Dragon Fruit drink!! You may choose it with longan or laichee. It's not very sweet but it very refreshing! I'm sure girls will like it very much <3>

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