Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's gets stupid every single morning with consistent "downs" and on-off "downs" in the afternoon.

What have most of us sign up for?

Rm88/month for 1Mbps download rate that
never reaches 1Mbps, I doubt it even reaches 500Kbps. This package comes with unlimited internet access that does not guarantee stable line.

Inclusive of bad customer service with bad communication skill and horrible UNDERSTANDING skill and terrible Efficiency. (*what did their pick-up call staff learn in school?) - TMNUT:"Budget very low lar.. we can only afford to hire cheap workers"
Common cases when you call up, U:" I'm having some problem with my line, it keeps discconecting". Customer service:" There's an upgrading work right now so you will encounter connection problem for the time being. " Ataupun, Port got problem need to be fix (means need time again), some always happens punyer technical problem... etc etc etc etc etc. Kasi manyak manyak complain pun sama jugak.. better save your breath.

Technical service available to fix your problem (with extra charges of cos'). But the
y almost can NEVER tackle the correct problem. Eg: Cable got problem they say your IP or your PC got problem, IP got problem they say your port got problem, Port got problem they say your modem/router got problem kena change (another extra hole in your pocket for nothing)

So, why do we still pay Rm88/month for headaches? Unfortunately, this is Malaysia. Malaysia services never never never efficient, we have no choice but to live with it cos we can't live without internet. What to do?
Malaysia Boleh!!



  1. Hehe mine was Ozawa and TM. Yours is Turtle and Streamyx.

  2. Yeap! I thought of Ozawa at that very moment I look for images. LOLX! Seems inappropriate if I were to put Ozawa's pic. hahahaha

  3. take it easy....
    pls always remember, M'sia wont give you the 100%

    unless you paid for the business plan then can get the 100%...
    remember, in normal plan, 1mb = 512, 512 = 256....always reduce the half speed....>.<

  4. Even the business plan sucks. I'm working in a company which has a Streamyx office just below it. And yeah, they usin' bussiness plan and the connection is still as slow as a snail.

    Malaysia Boleh...yeah whatever.

  5. i hate Streamyx service too! but, i NEED it.ha

  6. Malaysia boleh again!

    they made us hate them but yet still need them

  7. the packages they offer are in megabits per second. not megabytes. so if you took the 1megabit package, you should be getting a theoretical maximum 128 kilobytes per second download speed. not 1 megabytes.

    but yea, streamyx still sucks.