Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some 3D work...

Well, these are some 3D work I've done in about 2-3 weeks. Supposed to be doing 15 pieces of perspective out of 11 interior space, which duration is less than a month and I'm just a trainee with very minimal skills of 3D work and designing skill. It's CRAZY!! Thank god hearing my S.O.S that there's another designer that split up the work load with me. So, I've gotta do 8 pieces of 3D perspective out of 6 interior spaces. Here are the outcomes:-

Oh... One more thing, don't expect too highly on lil' pitiful me >__<" I'm less than an amature in 3DsMax. Feel free to give comments and critics ya (^-^)*

AV Room

Girl's Room (View 1)

Girl's Room (View 2)

Guest Room 1

Dry Kitchen

There'll be more to come!! 3 more perspectives to go and amendments for the ones shown above AND dateline is around the corner, man... Stressing. I envy those who can do 3D so so much better than mine and able to almost master it within a very short period of time. Goshh... Time to work harder!!


  1. Girl's Room = Damn, it's huge. And the bed is BIG too. Hehehehe....

    Guest Room = It's a thousand times better then my parents room! Haha and with that flat panel tv...awesome.

    Kitchen = Is there such a thing as 'dry' kitchen? I thought all kitchens were dry. What nut would want a wet kitchen? LoL nanti jatuh hentak kepala...

    Living Room = Seen this before. Very airy and not claustrophobic. :)

  2. Thx for the comment Mothy =D I appreciate that.

    Unfortunately the Girl's room have to make Hell a lot amendment later on. As for the Kitchen ... Yes, there are "Dry Kitchen" (Only available in Malaysia) The culture made that up cos' their kitchen is always damn freaking dirty (you know what I mean), so they made another kitchen with they don't do the heavy cooking stuff there so it's more presentable while they'll be proud to show their guest. LOL

  3. Nice Design ^^
    Still Got A lot can improve!
    support you... =.<

    Recomemend you the "InDesign" magazine!
    Watch Before !?


  4. Thx Json ^^

    You're right! A LOT more to improve! Hope there's more space for me to go further. Haha.. Oh, about "InDesign" Magazine, my house and the company I'm working for right now have tons of it. LOL.

    Thank for visiting my blog ^-^