Friday, November 14, 2008

More 3Ds...

Man... I'm rushing through my 3D work these few days. Everything just gotta be done by today--Friday (aside from "MORE" amendments). Phew~ I did couple of amendments on the last few work and rushing through the last piece today. It's crazy man... and definitely turn out horrible. Never never rush your work like that. I'll upload it and you guys will get what I mean.

I'm a Interior Designer Trainee, but the company where I go for internship made me work like a junior designer. I do stuff from Autocad drawings (very very unPOfessional ones) to Newspaper Ad for the company to Newspaper Article to promote the company (That's not my scoop of work) to Paperwork such as Filing the promotion package price and description (EH! Bukan ni Admin punyer kerja?) to Research & Complilation of Idea & Concept ---> Presentation board for Proposal to client (I've never seen any client at all) to 3DsMax work cos' there's only 1 designer who can do 3D available there that's pile up with hell a lot of 3D work herself (Salute!!). OHH!! Not forgetting to mention this VERY IMPORTANT thing after doing so much work.. I don't learn much from this company cos' there's not much guidance and tips on our field of work. They are more like squeezing every bit of me but not teaching me through what is needed to know. And the best thing is.. they pay like I DUNNO... and they deduct salary like I DUNNO reason. Hahaha... Now that's what I called Training (in a not so common way). Btw, bare in mind... this is not a complaint. I'm sharing my experience of what I went through =)

Life is fill with ups and downs. Life will never be always happiness or forever depression. Sometimes it's just how we look at things. I'm basically very positive minded, cos' I have to. Having to go through the tough waves that seems never ending is suicidal for people who are negative. Well, I believe everyone has to go through a designated life for us to become who we want to be. I sure hope that all these hardship are God's Will to make me a strong and successful in time to come (p.s - everyone's definition for successful is different). I just need to be more patient cos' I'm so lack of it. LOL!!

Enough of the blabbing.. I felt so long-winded. Here are the 3D work I rushed through these 2 days:-

Guest Room 2 (the horrendous piece)

Guest Room 3 (view 1)

Guest Room 3 (view 2)

Guest Room 3 looks best among the other 2 Guest rooms. I'm partly please cos' there's a little improvement in there, but it's still never good enough. I feel so tiny when I see my colleague's work which is so so so far more better than mine. More practice!! Will do better next time.

*Dear all collegemates, if you happen to read this. Do pay a visit to my dear classmate Korosh Gol's facebook. His 3D effect is just GREAT!! ---> Korosh Gol

Cheer =)


  1. wah...
    actually...really nice!!!
    all the 3D room is design by you?
    or you jut draw it?
    design is really nice!
    and no bad in 3D Max and AutoCat using oo~~~= =+
    good job~~

    just u r too rush for that~~
    辛苦你啦~~~<(_ _)>

  2. hey hey.. nice 3Ds! where u studying?

  3. ok ba...辛苦你了辛苦你了~~~~~~
    gone*~ 10.56am =x

  4. BadBoy: Yeap.. 90% designed by me, 10% cos supervisor asked to change some things. Hehe.. Thanks ^^ But I'm still an amature o ... Erm... it's called Autocad ==" tak da kuching punyer tau? akakaka!

    Hon mun: Welcome to my blog Hon Mun. Thanks for dropping a comment too! Im studying at PJCAD right now. you?

    anonymous: TQ~~ ^^*~~

  5. Hello Steph. Thx for dropping back.. =) im from Tar College, into designing now.. lolol

  6. WOW!! geng!! ur got a nice blog gal!! ^^

  7. Hon Mun: Designing in what field? Photography? Graphic Design? Multimedia?

    Lil' Egg: Thx for dropping by at my blog gurl ^^

  8. im into multimedia designing now.. =)