Thursday, December 17, 2009

Basic Aglio Olio - Recipe @ Home

Another day of being alone at home without anything to eat for dinner. It's raining and I couldn't go out! =(

Like what I'll usually do is just have couple of plain biscuit and that's it for dinner! Oh well, sometimes I do whip up something I can find it the kitchen. Hehe... since I've not blog often why don't I cook today?

Here's what I made~

Nice Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Speghettini / Angel Hair
Salt & Pepper for seasoning

Slice garlic n shallot and dump into "Cold" extra virgin oil. cook in very low heat for 15mins. While doing that, boil pasta too. Season the oil before tossing Hot pasta. You might want to add a little crushed chili for extra kick!

Tada!! You're ready to eat!

Enjoy! ;)
*Credit to my Chef friend Daniyal Goh for sharing me this recipe =)
Visit his blog here ---> Daniyal Goh


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