Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pancake - Recipe @ Home

Butter + Honey

Fresh fruits anyone?

I'm BACK from an extreme long M.I.A... it will happen again since I've been too busy and too uninspired by the food that I've been eating for the past... many months?

Anyways, been having the urge to cook at home ever since I came back from a long trip in Canada. Finally today's the day! it's Pancake Day!

- Ingredients -
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup milk
1 large egg
2 tablespoon melted butter/olive oil
2 teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoon white sugar
pinch of salt

- Method -
Mix dry ingredients & wet ingredients separately, then pour wet ingredients into dry mixed ingredients, whisk well.

Heat up non-stick pan, pour batter mix into the pan about the size of 3-4inch. Cook till lightly brown.

What are you waiting for? Serve while it's still hot!

Topping of your choice: Maple Syrup/Honey + Butter, Honey + Fresh strawberries/blueberries, peanut butter...etc.

Enjoy! ;)


  1. where's my set ???? >.<

  2. got chance make for you eat. akakaka~ ^^

  3. i have tried once before, the taste is too plain..and i gave up the rest of the pan cake powder haha

  4. Feeling : Pancakes are usually plain so that you may add any sort of topping of your liking. Unless you prefer just having the pancake then you'll need some other recipe =)

  5. This is a fantastic recipe, the pancake is soft and light on the inside. i made a simple syrup by adding 5 tbl spoons of sugar to 2 tbl spoons of water with a drop of vanilla extract, bring to boil on the stove over low heat, when melted, pour on top of the pancake and let it soak in to the pancake. Delcious, you could add some pecans or chocolate chips but i think it is heavenly with syrup and butter :)

    1. thanks for the wonderful syrup recipe! simple & easy, I'm sure it's gonna taste REAL GOOD with the pancakes. I've tried chocolate chips, that goes well with chocolate syrup with fresh strawberries. Maybe I should post that recipe soon since I have taken photo of it :D