Friday, March 20, 2009

Sem 6 Term 1 break celebration @ Telok Gong, Klang

After a long stage 1 war of finals (actually not that long, 3 months only). Finally it's term break now! Right after the last day of term 1, almost the whole class (except for Sue Jan & Korosh) went all the way to klang just to have dinner. We had lots of fun of cause! So much of crapping and laughing. At last, our classmates are coming together. It was envy in my eyes to see students from other class getting along so well, they do almost everything together. And now, I can see that we're building up into a larger strong group of people! Love you guys! Looking forward to the next gathering! =D

The Girls
From Top Left : Jing Jing, Yih Xing, Joyce, June, Sasa, Xiao Ling, Tree, Phoebe & Kimmy.
From Bottom Left : Me, Nicole, VK, Madam, Sun Sun.

The Guys
From Top Left : Roy, Branden, Ricky
From Bottom Left : Eddy, Madam & Alan

Here comes the F.O.O.D!! How can I not take photos of it, right? =)

Butter Milk Prawn

Salted Roast Crab

Chili Sause Red Snapper

Tomato Crab

Seafood Toufu

Coconut Tomyam Prawn


Bamboo Shoot Clam


  1. Food!!! And it's nice to see you blogging again. Hehe.

    Hmm apparently the girls is still having that two-ponytail thingy. LOL.

    And she loves modified Perodua Myvi, and she likes playing Pet Society in FB. Hehehe....

    I lepak with her for a pretty long time yesterday, both before and after my presentation.

  2. helo there, the food looks great.
    feel wanna to eat also.
    can bring me along ??
    Anyway,can be fren? ^^~
    Hohohohoho~ bring me eat bring me eat!!!!!!!! XD

  3. Mothy : Yea! I've been abandoning it for a very long time. since valentine's. shame on me =(

    Anonymous : U bring me go better la =="

  4. Haha never abandon your blog.

    Bamboo Shoot Sarawak it's called Balitong...and the shape of the flesh looks like a fucking Penis, wei..

  5. Balitong? Ohh.. now I really wonder what language it was origin. Cos' I heard of that name of the clam b4.

    Yes, I totally agree about the shape. LOL

  6. I'm not eatin' that shit anymore...even though it tastes really good. Hahahaha!!!!!

    Kote tak sunat wei...hahahaha. And if u look closely at the tip of the Balitong flesh, there are TWO holes. HAHA!!!!

    Jesus Christ, man...