Thursday, February 19, 2009

Health for Women - Menstrual

Women have their menstrual cycle every month, we all know generally the amount of blood lost from the body that usually causes Anemia (low on red blood cells) to most women, which leads to dizziness, feeling faint, and so much more other health problem. It's pretty important that womens take note about this and make an effort to maintain a healthy wellness.

Here's some ways to deal with it. The Chinese Traditional way is to take certain herb or medicine every now and then especially after each period. The convenient way is to take "白凤丸"
Bak Fueng Yun, which is sold in various Chinese herb store. Of course there are another better way (if you were to have the time), it is to boil herbal soup which is called Pat Chan "八珍". You can easily get it from Chinese herbal store, they'll pack all the needed herb and teach you how to boil it.

Well, about the herbal Pat Chan soup. Some people may think it's slightly bitter, it really depends on the types of herbs that is boiled together. More honey dates will make the soup taste sweeter, tastier I would say. But anyhow it taste it's good for females.

Pat Chan herbs

This is how the soup looks like with Egg.


  1. nothing much thing will happen.
    rumor says that after men take this they end up having period. which is stupid. the possibility is that the men might get a little heaty and that's it. anyhow it's still alright for guys since this thing improves productivity of red blood cells.

  2. Oh ok. "HEATY" aye. Erection-wise or Horny-wise. LOL!!!

    I tried that egg soup thing, but nothing happened to me. Thank god. :)

    I'll commit ritual suicide if I get periods after consuming those "female" food.....

  3. ur period ooo....= =?
    take care ar....><

  4. Replies
    1. As far as I know the chinese don't make this for kids, it's for females as we lose quite a lot of blood during each cycle.