Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lunch @ Kuala Selangor - Part 2

This place it located near the seashore. Which I don't know where it is. Food there is good. I heard it was open for many years already.

Curry Fish (土杀鱼)
*definitely not recommended for people who doesn't appreciate any fish other than salt water sea fish.

Steam Fish head (Double)
The fish head is freaking HUGE!

Sour Spicy Red Snapper Fish

Fried Cuttlefish
*As usual, kid's favorite

Simmer Ginger Lala? (Clam?)
*free mini teeny weeney crab in every lala. which is real scary to me.


  1. The fried Cuttlefish and Ginger Clams look awesome.

  2. It taste pretty awesome too! Really fresh =)

  3. Which part of Kuala Selangor is this wonderful restaurant located.

  4. Mothy: It's at Tanjung Karang, Bagan Tengkorak. Errrr....... don't know where lar. You try find at google?

  5. Google came up with all kinds of crap...LoL.