Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink Valentine's

Strawberry Cheesecake
*I'll consider putting up the recipe next time

1st stage of blooming

2nd stage of blooming
when it is at the prettiest stage

Fully bloomed

Unfortunately some wouldn't survive =(
*so far never happened to the roses I've received


  1. I'd usually just eat the Strawberries instead of the Cheesecake. Had an unpleasant experience a few years back, Cheesecake was rotten!

    By the way my new desktop just arrived, and I spent 1 hour to set it up, and a further 8 hours enjoying my games.....LOL!!!

  2. Awww...C'mon~ The 2nd last time I made cheesecake you tried it wut.. not a bad experience kan? hahaha..

    Cool! how's the performance? good? what game you playing? call of duty?

  3. I used to love Cheesecakes a lot. But after what happened, nah I'd prefer a nice cold Ice-Cream cake. :)

    Ooo performance is awesome. Quad Core, 4GB Ram, 20 inch screen...

    Yeah Call of Duty 04 awesome, man. Graphics is superb. Call of Duty 05 also super, but lag though, because i haven't change the graphics card yet. Oh and not forgetting Grand Theft Auto 4...

  4. Think you might be very surprise i'm here in a sudden perhaps for the 1st time since i know you till now.

    anyway, i found a nice blog once i came in! No chance to have a proper chat with you for so many years, but i hope you are happy always.

    *i'll try to be a regular visiter.