Monday, April 13, 2009

大树头连记 @ Tmn Connaught

I was told that there's this "Coconut herbal chicken soup" that tasted so good at at Taman Connaught, Cheras. It's located very near to UCSI, not sure whether where it's exactly located. It's inside some terrence housing area and UCSI College is nearby too.

So, I visited this place last Saturday. And here's the photos:-

it's really under some trees thought

Toufu Yong Tou Fu

Stir fry vegetable with garlic and "Gei Ji"

Coconut Herbal Chicken Soup
*This is the best thing served here among the other dishes. MUST TRY!!
even better than the one I tried at Serdang.

Braise Yam & Pork
*This is Hakka style dish, I'm sure the ones cooked at home tasted better

Ginger steam fish
*Not the type of fish I favor. No comment


  1. The fish looks delicious. So does the Coconut soup.

    If only I can go, but it's "HOW TO GET THERE". And also, my family wouldn't want to go so far just to eat.....

    I would, but I want someone who knows the way, to bring me there.

  2. Yo...nice place again ~
    this place i listen before also, it near ucsi...
    i also not sure where is it ? those food you order?
    see the picture you post above, it look like delicious.... ^^

  3. 你还真会享受美食呢!!

  4. Tim : I have no idea how to lead to you taman connaught since you know nuts about Cheras roads man... from PJ to Cheras is hell far away too.

    J'son : I'm not too sure too.. All I know it should be on the left end of UCSI college, and it's inside the residential terrence housing area wei... that day I was reading a comic book while traveling there =P

    = = : I can't live without good food XD

  5. 你不认识我,我只是路过 :)