Monday, April 27, 2009

Uncle Hon B'day dinner @ Serdang

Uncle Hon, my best friend meow's father's Birthday last Friday. Invited me and mum together with some other of the family friends. He's 60 year old now! Hope life is good for him and his family =)

Lots of dishes they ordered that day! Thank goodness I brought my camera with me *^^*

Steam Herbal Eel

Toufu with Vege

Fried belacan mix vege

Fried "dunno which part" of Intestine
*this is nice, the intention doesn't have strange taste. In fact, it's chewy!

Curry fish head
*I don't see no fish head? =P

Chicken in Mamit style (left), & batter fried (right), coleslaw (middle)

Sweet & sour sauce crab
*I love tomato sauce, but I don't really like how it's cooked here.
The sauce and a lil' bland

Salted Egg fried Crab
*Now this is absolutely tasty! They made it taste pretty creamy and a lil' sticky, with very nice salted egg aroma.

Fried bun
*dip with the sweet sour crab sauce. It's super duper oily

Brownie of the day!
*from secret recipe. As usual

The happy couple
*Uncle Hon & Aunt Anna


  1. FOOD!!!!!!!! GLORIOUS FOOD!!!!!!!

    I'm hungry..... :(

  2. I'm hungry too, man...
    I only had cereals for lunch and dinner, who knows I'm hungry I'm having cereals for supper too! *Argh* NOooooooooooooooo~~~!!

  3. I like the ppl always take they camera with him, whatever digital or SLR ...~

    memory will be belong with you ^^

  4. Hehhe... so, do you bring your camera everywhere too?? digital very easy la... SLR super heavy yohhh... Mine middle. akakaka! heavier than digital but lighter than SLR =P

    but hmmm... my memories alot on food more than ppl ~__~

  5. Cereals for supper. Recession hit hard on you guys, huh. XDXDXDXDXD sorry.

    Hmm right now, I would love a nice huge scoop (make that 15 scoops) of Ben & Jerries or Sara Lee French Vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and fresh cherries (from Israel), served in a huge ass silver trophy cup. XDXDXD! Fuck midnight, wei. It's the best time to eat ice fucking cream. HAHA!

  6. LOL!!! recession doesn't affect my food XD
    You made it sound so serious.

    Ice cream... Ice cream and more ice cream... I wished I can enjoy few HUGE scoop of it, man. But it's keeping fit season for me right now! *ARGH* Nvm... I'll get it soon by the time I get back in shape. Just can't wait XD

  7. Ooooh.....ICE CREAM. Fuck Fitness....XDXDXDXD

    Hey do you know of any other place which serves awesome ice-cream? LoL...