Thursday, April 9, 2009

Xenri, Japanese Cuisine @ Old Klang Road

Xenri Signage
*Owh! I stole this photo from KampungboyCitygal , they are bloggers too =P

Weeee~ it's Thursday and I have a huge urge for Japanese food! Since I didn't want to travel anywhere far like Bukit Bintang nor Damansara Utama, and I would like to have a nice Japanese meal, so I decided to pay a visit to Xenri since it's so DAMN near but I have no idea why I didn't go ever since it's open for so DAMN long.

Okay, cut the crap. The food ain't that bad (tasted better than Zen & Rakuzen), though it's slightly a little pricey than Zen / Rakuzen, but the portion is bigger. So, still resonable lar... (for nice jappy food). Ambiance is great too! Freshness for food also not bad, since I read some reviews saying that they bring in fresh seafood every 2 weeks. Only thing I worry is there aren't much crowd due to it's location. Maybe it's weekdays... I don't know.

So, here are the photos I took and food I ordered just now.


Where we sat
*There are other seatings with nicer ambiance

Sushi Deluxe Rm68

Salmon Sashimi Rm26

Phoenix Roll Rm30
*they have another version that is mango instead of avacado, but I personally prefer this.

Unagi Kabayaki Rm38

Kaki Furai Rm35
*my fav, fried breaded oyster. It goes well with mayonnaise too if you don't like the sauce they serve.

Sushi Deluxe Rm12
*sakura season special from 1st April - 30th April
very expensive! the rice flour skin texture is not perfect, not gooey, sticky and soft enough.

This is how SMALL it is (X_x)~~~
now you know what I mean by "expensive"!

Location Map
*Pls click the picture to enlarge

Restaurant Xenri
No. 9, Wisma Elken,
Jalan 1/137C, Batu 5,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 77838118
(directly across Pearl Point Shopping Mall)


  1. Awesome restaurant. What is the exact address. I wanna bring my family there too. LoLXD.

    And Vicky as well, if I have the chance.

  2. =) I love Japanese Food..
    Quite bz studyin now..
    update ur blog more regularly lar.=D

  3. Wow...Nice restaurant!
    go search nice food again...~?

    this reataurant nice...
    hmm...need go try try rdy ^^

  4. Tim : Eh... dude.. i alrdy stated the address at the end of the entry wei...

    Kai Chi : haha.. I'm busy with my finals too. that's why I didn't have much time to blog and hunt for new stuff. anyway, all the best to you ya =D

    J'son : En en ^^ got urge to eat mah~ hehehehe. Yeap! you should go and try~ they have buffet on sunday too. adult per pax is about Rm48, even cheaper than Rakuzen. But I'm not sure about the variety la

  5. yi..? quite cheap ma....
    got sure address ?

    u try TENJi before ?
    at mont kiara ....

  6. I'm hungry! LOLXD.

    Anyway, yeah i saw the address already. But I have no clue how to go there...

  7. J'son : yeap! the address is in my blog too. It is just along old Klang Road, right opposite "Pearl Point".
    I've tried Tenji alrdy during the CNY, not favorable... food that we place the tag to order, waited for too long and food went cold. Taste wise ... so-so la.. moderate only. That's why I still prefer the normal Jap restaurant instead of buffet place. akakaka!

    Tim : Hmm... I'll see whether I could find the map

  8. omg the sushi deluxe look so cute and dainty!! dining at xenri does not come cheap, i'm gonna try the rm55 buffet sooN! :)

  9. Heys... Thx for dropping by! You've got a nice blog ;)

    Yeaps.. it's not really cheap. but actually is more or less the same price as the other Jap Restaurants since they serve a slight bigger portion. Boleh than la..

    Oits?~ i thought it's Rm48+ per pax?