Sunday, May 3, 2009

KLCC outing

Went to meet up with a new friend. Not bad a person, fun to be around with =)

At KLCC food court :

*Can't remember the name

Ma Fren's
*Don't even know the name. Tasteless

The Apartment KLCC :

Passion Fruit Cooler

The Interior


  1. KLCC food court quite maju already, huh. The last time i was there, all those mat rempit and minah rempit go to the place....

    By the way, you're working in my restaurant in that facebook game called "Restaurant City". XD.

  2. yea!! it's crowded with them wei!! sad case..

    Huh? how on earth did I end up working in ur restaurant city game? I didn't even play it wei! Owh! why are u playing these games in the name of LT? LOL~