Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME...!!

Oh my... I'm 21 now! Officially an adult (in terms of "Law"). So, if I were to ever kill someone I'm going to jail instead of rehab. LOL XD!!

Many things had happened throughout my 21 years life. Joy... Sadness... Frustrations... Life was never boring, lots of ups & downs till I sometimes will hope that I have more time offs.

There's no big celebration for me, unlike everyone else that usually make it BIG. Wrong timing that clashes my birthday and my finals, sad case... =/ But there are still something special happening around, sad & happy tears flow together at the same time...

So, what have I gotten so far?

1. Bonia bag
2. Swatch watch
3. Chinese oriental purse (*I wonder why?)
4. Ang Paos
5. Key pendent, but of cos'!! (*but still on the way, didn't make it on time)
6. John King birthday "Cake/Tart" (*let me HIGHLIGHT this!)
7. Apple earphone with remote & mic
8. Handmade Lucky Star, Konata with Neko ears!! XD
9. 2Gb Mickey Mouse mp3 player (*very unexpected. Thanks ^^)
10. -N/A- "yet"

-N/A- "yet" will be from my dearest babies! *I think* =P
not hoping much, but the thought that counts.

Many wishes that I've received. Some are unexpected ones... Tee-hee! Thank you so much for remembering. I don't feel left out anymore cos' of all of you that cares for me =)

Oh yea! of what I have "Highlighted" just now. Here's my birthday "Cake". Specially ordered and 1st time made by John King. The chef personally made it cos' the size is not like those small ones sold at their retail store that are made by machine. Special Thanks for John King egg tart "Si Fu" & Manager =D


  1. Happy Birthday! Nice presents you got there!!! XD Sorry I couldnt get you any presents... :(

  2. wow...girl~
    you 21 la...

    HAPPY BiRTHDAY ah.... ^^
    hmm....need send you a birthday present rdy! ^^

  3. Tim : Nahh.. it's alright lar... belanja me makan can ady (more maybe when u go overseas get me some fresh stuff XD)

    J'son : Hehehhe... got heart enough~ no need present de lar~ ^^

  4. Ok then. Hahaha Wednesday afternoon. But i got no class though. No worries, i will come n belanja u. XD

  5. never know u have a blog until i got spammed by ur birthday cake email... hahaha... good work, keep it up!

  6. Tim: Wokay! we'll make it a day =D

    Steve: Looks like the email worked! Thx for visiting and notifying about the email thingy ;)

  7. wOW!!! hapi belated birthday ya~ !!! so cute ur cake.. hahaha....
    wish u all the best ya~ ^^

  8. nothing for u...just happy birthday and wish~~^^

  9. That tart reminds me of the video in yourube. "Tarts my body". XD