Monday, May 4, 2009

Tony Roma's @ Pavilion

I "some sort" was on a un-strict diet for quite some time. Spoiling myself on & off during my so called "diet". LOL!! Doesn't make any sense now since still I ate a lot of good stuff =D

Wagyu (other terms, Wahyu) beef is beginning to get pretty popular here in KL. Previously, you could only savor it at expensive western dining restaurant which is extremely costly. Firstly, let me introduce you about this Wagyu beef. The cattle is breed in Japan, Australia & America, known for its marbling characteristic, increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness, and thus a high market value. These cattle are very properly taken care of unlike other animals as food. LOL!!

Here's how it looks =D

Extensive fat marbling in slices of high-grade wagyu beef.

I made a visit to Tomy Roma's couple of days back, found out they serve the good ol' Wagyu Ribeye steak that caught my eye. It's more expensive than the other steaks in the menu, but still not as expensive as the ones serve in those proper dining restaurants. I'm sure the quality is just the regular standard of Wagyu beef.

Oh well, here are the photos!!

Pineapple dunno what juice
*so-so for my taste bud, nothing to shout about.

Small Loaf of warm bread serve with their very own butter
*The butter is very creamy and it has a very nice flavor to it. Could be herbs they added in and some extra flavoring.

Grill Chicken (I think)
*I don't remember the taste since the beef was too memorable =P

Wagyu Ribeye Steak
*I ordered a Medium-Well.
Very juicy, natural flavor that need not have any special sauce for it.
Tasted A LOT better than the normal steaks we can find.
Rate : 7.5/10


  1. wah wah... all look so nice!!! O.O!! make me hungry d...
    hey, long time nvr chat with u le.... hows life har? ^.^

  2. Hey Eggy dear~ It's been awhile... hehe...
    Life is alright... I think you must be pretty busy? You don't update your blog as frequent as last time dy borrr...~~~~ akakaka

    Well, do keep in touch ya ;)

  3. Wagyu beef. I had a lot of that when I was in Japan last year. Hell expensive, but awesomely tasty.

    Did you know that the ones supplied to Malaysia are of inferior quality? :)

  4. Yea... I could taste that. that's why I rated 7.5/10 "Only". It's really obvious that it ain't high quality Wagyu. How sad... It still pleases me a lil' since it's still nicer than the usual steak. How I wished that I could taste the highest quality ones! Eekekkee

  5. Hehehehe .... If I drop by Japan again, I will get a pack for you. XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    Plus all those awesome Sashimi that they sell in the supermarket over there.

    Hmm, have you tried Kobe Beef before ?

  6. How can u bring it all the way back and keep fresh ar??

    Nope.. never. Like you think having all those fine beef in M'sia is easy. Malaysia boleh lar... XD

  7. Lol. Pack it in ice, la. I've brought back a few lugs of Salmon when i went to Canada in 1999 and 2002, respectively. It was still as fresh as ever when I opened it in my house. XD

    Hmm, I've seen Kobe Beef in some Jap Restaurants, though. Boom Town prices. XDXDXD

    But the best steak in the world is still Argentinian Steak. :) Trust me, pnce you eat it, you'll want to eat it again n again n again.

  8. Wow... okay then. You can help me get nice fresh food whenever you go overseas XD!! that's so much practical (to me) Hahahaha!

  9. Hehehe...... I'll get one whole Japanese cow for you. XDXD u can slaughter it fresh !!!! XD

  10. hmm loving the look of that beef..yummz!