Monday, January 5, 2009

Food at Kuala Selangor

Here's another entry of eating out at Kuala Selangor. This particular place only serves about 5 type of dishes and that's all you can order. it's very much like the home-cook style.

The first time I went there food was absolutely delicious, so I took photos the 2nd time I visit =)

Fried Bitter Gourd with Egg
I like this dish very much. The bitter taste is very mild with light aroma that contrast with the other heavy tasted food. Balance is good *wink*

Curry Leaf chili Prawn
Aside from the freshness of the prawn, the cooking style has a very unique home-cook taste but yet no one could figure out how it is done to deliver the same taste.

土杀鱼 ("Tu Sha" Fish)
Taste is good. But not the choice of fish for me =P
Me likey salt water fish more than clear water fish

Tiger Shark
Yea.. "Shark" I meant. This is one of their highlight dish. Funny thing it looks like fat pieces of pork meat cos' it has a real thick layer of Shark fats, I guess it's still healthier than pork fats huh? Not to mention the texture is quite similar to pork though, pork from the sea XD
Btw, this is another slightly spicy dish.

I don't know this fruit name is English, in Chinese it's called "Sha Li"
This fruit juice is added with sour plum, a freaking good mixture cos' Sha Li fruit itself is very sour and it has a weird after taste that not all people like. But when added sour plum its different! I like it intense! Some place serves you very few fruit extract and add LOTS of water into it and doesnt taste good anymore. This place did it great! The extract enough juice and add sour plum, and it's prepared in bottles and refrigerated long enough before serve, so the sour plum is well soaked into the juice and brings out the full taste of it. *Thumbs Up*


  1. Selangor, not Selengor.

    You should try the famous New Zealand mussel some day. They're the bomb. And it's cheap.

    Go NZ! It's not an expensive place for a holiday. You'll never get bored. And heaps of NZ food!

  2. Oops... SHIT. LOLX! I actually typed it wrong and I didn't see it. I'll go change it now.

    Goddd.... I love mussel!! Love it almost no matter how it's cooked or raw. Haha

  3. ooo. changed it already, aye. lol. i'll post some food pictures in my blog later. i didnt take much photos of food, because i was engrossed with the scenery. and i forgot to bring my 2GB SD Card. made do with 512MB. lol!

  4. Awww man... next time bring sufficient memory card along with ya. Haha.. For food photos you can count on me! *drool*
    Well, that's if we ever have a chance to travel in future lar

  5. Ur foods make me feel hungry too..! =)

  6. Sure can travel. It's recession time, now. Everyone's trying to make everything cheap to avoid closure.


    btw, at almost every corner of the road in Christchurch, there are big cardboard signs which says "FOOD" in bold, red colored capital letters. And i forgot to take picture of that. LOL.

    Kiwi people are always hungry. LoL!! And thirsty for wines too. Ooo you have no idea how much i drank over there. EVEN THOUGH I DON'T DRINK. But it's hell cheap, liquors.

  7. Prince_L: Lol.. that's a good sign =)

    Mothy: Gosh.. I thought only malaysians are gluttons that bring outsiders go eat 6 meals/day. LOL.. I like ppl who can really eat and appreciate food!! Guess it'll be as hungry as the ppl there with the big ol "FOOD" signboard. Haha

  8. WalaoYe...So Shock ah....
    Always Take Photo On Nice Beverage!!


  9. Akakaka... I lurve Food~~~~~~~ ^^v

  10. 那是适耕庄Sekinchan,不是kuala selabgor。