Saturday, January 10, 2009

Japanese... *Burp* oops! =P

Kampachi, Pavilion Bukit Bintang.

I must be stupid not to take photo of the main course. Sorry lar... too hungry marh... lagi stupid is that I missed out the dessert (How could I??!!!) Too full... haih... Too early also. Handmade dessert there are Dorayaki, Mochi, and Forgot. Only available on Sat, Sun & Public holiday from 3pm-6pm. Lansinyer... I was there at 12pm+ til 2pm. Too bad lar... Nvm. Not so interested. not typical Japanese dessert anyway.

waiting to be served

Assorted sushi that we picked

Wild Salmon & Farmed Salmon Rm75+
(Great Dish! Though pretty costly. It's the fresh wasabi that gave the extra "kick")


  1. Hey the Salmon isn't cut the right way!!!! The cook failed.

  2. hmmmm...yameeeee!!!
    I want to eat that !!!!!
    so big of the fish egg!!