Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy CNY 2009

Hey guys! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you in advance ("IF" you happen to visit my page). Those who are married I wish you all peace and harmony within the family, to those who are NOT marry, like me... wish you guys with lots of luck in studies/career, have a happy life. AND PLEASE go grab more ANG PAO due to the global economy crisis. Haha! I better of going everywhere visiting IF I were to have the time.

Hope I get to take lots of pictures of the known 10 dish 1 soup family gathering dinner on the 30th night of the Chinese calendar =D Hahahaha! I'm so excited! And I really do hope this CNY won't be as boring as the previous years (Thank god I have my darling PSP to keep me companied). Okay, enough for today. Happy holidays guys! *Hugs*


  1. You Are Right !!
    Hope You Also ~

    Happy New Year 2009 !!
    Hope New Year Can Get A New HOPE ^^

  2. gong hei fat choi~
    wish u dis year everything shunshunleilei~
    easy way on final ~
    hmm...watelse... XD may hope ur wish all come true.
    err.. HOHOHOHO... grant watever u want~

  3. Json: ehehehe... Yeap! and get more ang pao! =D

    Anonymous: U will grant it for me right? hor hor? ^^!!!