Friday, May 29, 2009

Phew~ Finally...

Time flies... few years back I was out of highschool, going to college, then come 1st year of college, and now it's my finals already. So much had happened lately, from suffering to struggling to anything you could think of, even giving up... which happened couple of weeks back. I wasted precious 3 weeks out of 8 weeks, or was it 10 weeks?

Anyway, I almost gave up my course when I'm about to reach my destination of my course, waste huh? Yea... the fact of my creativity have always been 0%, it's extremely tough life to be a designer. Everyone has been wondering, since I don't have it, why go for it? Well, you see... MONEY mah! Though it's a tough job, since I can draw & thinking that I "might" be able to design, together with my good enduring skill, why not? Can try wurt... isn't it? good pay check and not to be worried of being jobless was my 1st choice. Even though I could be a better chef than a designer. Hello... I was just 18 back then. LOL!

3 years of struggling something I almost ain't fit to do leading me to give up. For the very first time I went to have a talk with my dad. Just a short 30-40min conversation, it was all precious & valuable words. These words got me back on my feet right away! Never to give up! It's not the matter of whether you fail or you're last placing among all competitors! It's not being first place or not, but it's to reach the goal no matter what it takes. It's the unbeatable spirit within yourself! Where have I been these years? I lost this thing that was within me all these while... but now I am back in shape! Going on like how I use to be.

I thought I was going to fail my course FOR GOOD. exactly 2 weeks ago, I've not done anything at all, which a complete work couldn't be done in 3 months neither. Right now, I've done it! I could even get a PASS *hopes*! I even got last few days to rest while waiting for Monday to come, my presentation day... when everything *almost* will end. Indeed I'm nervous, I'm happy with a little disappointment & a wee-bit of regretfulness. Doesn't matter... believe that everything will be fine =) I gotta be more courageous and to trust myself a little more now...

- Believe the Signs of the Rainbow -

Now that college life will end pretty soon... I'll surely miss the good and bad days. Not sure would I get back to college again, a new course maybe? I don't know... or just work? We'll see... =) Time will bring me to where I should be.

I will be posting my final work here pretty soon! After my Finals! (I was a bit impatient to almost post it up right now =P )

Cheers ;)


  1. That rainbow looks trippy. XD

  2. Oh, btw. You should really read Caroline's latest post. I think you know who she's reffering to in it. LoL........ shhhhhh.

  3. It's oh so wonderful post. I couldn't resist to give a 3 shout reply. LOL

  4. Tim.. i even wall'ed her first thing in the morning! @.@ i was too free i guess.. ahahhahazz..

    i wan ur msn!