Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Axian Dim Sum @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

I was woken up so early in the morning (to me) by mum, it's 9am and I was asked to go have breakfast. Ugh... I'm having insomia and I don't want to get up lar... @@~ Oh well! It's a good thing I tagged along! We went to Axian Dim Sum last week and didn't get to eat it due to the extreme good business and it's all sold out by 2pm. Gosh... madness...

So, here we are!!

see? look at the crowd!
*FYI* borrowed this pic from somewhere else due to my forgetfulness of not taking the facade of the shop.

Consider alot of people for a weekday at 10am... I wonder why aren't they working? *hmmm* Enjoying life is good anyway =D

Char Siew Pao 叉烧包
*a little too sweet for my liking. Avarage for this.

HAR MAI 招牌蒸虾卖
*instead of siew mai. prawns are fresh!

Crystal GAO
*i skipped this. can't stand the taste of corriander (x_x)

Spring roll 虾卷?
*don't remember how this taste. obviously not memorable...haha

Steamed Pork Ribs 蒸排骨
*my favorite! but it's still an average rating for this!

Crispy Salad Roll 沙律脆皮卷
*very crispy outter layer. NO bad oily taste as well. Not bad~

LAUSA Pao 招牌流沙包
*Looks good. Taste good! most youngsters will love it! One bite and the inner creamy slightly sweeten buttery sauce bursting out! Uwah~~~

WU KOK (Yam) 芋角
*Not too bad. but still not the best one I had. Anyone who likes this would try out the one at Bidor, Perak (*note : will update on Bidor)

Salad Prawn 沙律虾
*Prawns are fresh!

Shanghai SIU LONG Pao 上海小笼包
*The soup inside is not bad, taste is quite light compared to others like "Ding Tai Fung" or "i-dragon".

Crystal HAR GAO 水晶虾饺王
*corriander inside. skipped!

Food was quite good! Especially for the dim sum that uses prawns, it's fresh and crunchy! I guess this Dim Sum shop is mainly known for the prawn dishes. Among so many so called famous dim sum places, food is quite good. The way they designed the space is good too! Need not look high class or some sort, it's Simple yet presentable =)

Food : 7/10
Ambiance : 8/10
Service : 7/10 (don't forget I went there in the middle morning of a weekday)

Axian Dim Sum
25-G, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8063 6866
Business Hours : 7am - 3pm

Check out Axian's blog! --->> 阿贤人情味 Taste with Jason


  1. wow! you go try rdy ah..
    last week i want to go try it de..
    but abit far, malas liao ~.~

    but listen frm you, it look like not so bad~
    really can go take a try~

  2. I miss chinese food, man! The ones here in the UK tastes like SHIT!!!!

    Mmmmmm Haggis. I bought two packets to bring home.

  3. never try b4, once i move to puchong, find 1 day go there try~

  4. I'm gonna recommend my blog to my mum! She'd love it :) I'm so dying to try the lausa pao & har mai :D

  5. I mean *your* =_="

  6. Json : yeap! furthermore I suggest you to go during the weekdays if u really want to. Or else, puchong really can be so jam that you'll regret XD

    Tim : you'll be back soon wut... ekekeke

    KS : wa... stay so near.. better try lor! ^^ *must go early!

    Amelia : I'm sure you'll LURVE the lausa pao!! prawns are all fresh there! pork average only. Oh Wow! your mum read blogs too?

  7. What a wonderful meal to start the day! I love dim sum and the variety of dishes to choose from :)

  8. few item nice but very bad service! and expensive also! eat a few shops away Hong Kee better!

  9. Anonymous : Yea... service is bad especially during peak time, best to go during the weekdays but not lunch time. Dim sum at KL are usually expensive though... so it's still consider the usual price.

  10. Which is the best place to eat dim sum. affordable plus tasty.

    By the way Steph, you should try Haggis. Delicious Scottish food, man. :D I eat it everyday. LOL!!!!

  11. normal dim sum only ..just becos axian ppl go there to look see oni...haiz...crazee ghehehe
    waiting more than come one by one
    wasting my time....staff there arrogant n rude...the char siew pow really want to spit out, sweet n cold last time there, trust me

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    I appreciate the feedback from your experience of how inefficient & how terrible things was when you visited Axian Dim Sum.

    Char siew bao WAS pretty bad, but not cold while I had mine. And yea, everything was just average except for 1 or 2 dish which is not too bad. Well, still the business is doing really good at the moment.

    Do recommend some GOOD/GREAT Dim Sum eating places instead of just pure negative comments, alright? We're all food lovers aren't we? ;)