Monday, September 21, 2009

Yum Char @ Sri Kembangan, Serdang

There's this kopitiam located right behind my aunt's shop, where all the working uncles around that area will go there for lunch or tea-time. It's a Hakka area, Sri Kembangan. This place serves really good drinks which anything you order it's already extra "KAO", where else can you find such place nowadays in KL?? Lots of mamak stall also milo not enough "KAO" even though you repeatedly said "KAO". Aisay... Cannot lar...

So far this is the best places I tried really "kao kao" milo, teh, kopi...etc. I usually order "3 colour tea" a.k.a 三色奶茶 (sam sik lai char), the best I had in so many other places. Accompanied by my all time favorite Roti Bakar... Ahhh~ Mum will order her favorite drink Kopi-O Ice Tarik! I know her kopi sounded weird, but trust me... it taste great!

3 color tea 三色奶茶

Kopi-O Ice Tarik
*Look at the foam on top? It's not milk, It's Kopi-O!

Roti Bakar
*Something I can never have enough

Anyone up for a drink there lemme know ya ;)
Btw, the kopitiam opens until around 4-5pm only, the other food store will be all closed by then as well.


  1. I wanna go yum cha. But I dunno how to get there.

  2. yea.. u might get urself lost. LOL! only way is if I bring you there

  3. When you free. LoLz I should be able to go out next week and the week after.

  4. hehe...
    u really like to eat roti bakar~~XD

  5. Tim : Hmm... I'll see when first cos' kinda busy with some freelance work right now. ekekeke

    Badboy : Yaya.. ekeke.. so when want belanja me roti bakar? =P

  6. Oooh okay then. Hopefully can go. Haha I can pass you your tshirt as well. :)