Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't know what to eat @ The Garden, Midvalley

Mum had her lunch early before we decided to do some shopping at Midvalley, so yea... I'll have to decide what I'm gonna have for lunch, myself! Sheesh...

We were at The Garden at first, so what I had in mind? Italianese? Nyonya Colors? Alexis? Mum said that I should go on a budget meal... *sobs*... Okay lorr... I'll go for the food court then =/

I've always liked trying different food varieties other than the usual stuff we find in Malaysia. There's an Iranian stall inside The Garden food court, and that is what I always order when I happen to be there. Not that it is really "WOW!!", but I really liked it! They serve kebab with rice, lamb, beef & chicken (I think), I only go for the set with lamb & beef... Yummy~ ^^

Owh!! One more thing... It supposed to be a budget meal adviced by mum...but yea, just this set is about Rm20. Not a budget meal after all =P

Just before we head to Midvalley, I paid a visit to "Delectable by Su" again. They sell very cute, pretty looking, and of cos' DELICIOUS dessert there. Checking out anything new on the shelf... I just LURVE dessert~ Lookie what I found this time!

Gawd... I didn't check what's this called! But what's important is to know that this taste absolutely GREAT!! Soaked sponge cake topped with cream (custard?) & cubed peaces & pieces of chocolate too! Everything goes really well together, fruity... creamy~ chewy! I'll definitely go there and get 1 again! Can't wait!

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  1. Iranian food is nice. I went to one near Jalan Changkat in KL. Awesome taste. And all the workers are Iranian (good english speakers, btw).

    Food cost MYR20+ and above. Well worth it. T T I forgot the name of the restaurant, though. LoL I think it was "Persian...."

  2. I love Middle Eastern food since it's a nice balance of vegetables, grilled meats and rice - looks like a delicious meal!

  3. Tim : I'll find out where is it and go there and try out the food!! LOL! Is is around Bukit Bintang Area?

    Joelen : Yes indeed... I would love to try the typical Iranian Cuisine if I could find it here in my country. Tee-Hee ^^

  4. Yeah it's somewhere in that area. LoL I only went there once, though. 2 years ago.

    Hmm, one of the places I wanna visit is Iran itself. I heard that the ski resorts are super nice, and cheap too. :)

  5. i think the dessert is called peaches and dream, iranian food is always nice, esp like the yoghurt sauce.

  6. @ Vivien : Yeaps.. It was called Peaches & Cream, can't have enough of that. Hehe..
    Owh.. any good iranian food to intro around KL?